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Tom Segura doubles down on wrestling hate on podcast [screencap]

Tom Segura Doubles Down on Wrestling Fans, Attacks AJ Styles

"I've heard some f**king morons say that so I just parroted it."[caption id="attachment_1204682" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Tom Segura doubles down on wrestling hate on podcast [screencap][/caption]Segura continues to get under the skin of former TMZ reporter and current WWE Backstage shill Ryan Satin, who is coming across more like a jabronie mark who has worked himself[...]

Comedian Tom Segura insults wrestling fans on his podcast.

Comedian Tom Segura Says Wrestling's for "R****ds", Wrestlers Respond

These are just stunt people."[caption id="attachment_1204444" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Comedian Tom Segura insults wrestling fans on his podcast.[/caption]Segura's comments didn't go unnoticed by the wrestling world, especially when former TMZ journalist and current WWE shill Ryan Satin posted a clip of Segura's conversation on Twitter "What a pile of [poop emoji]," tweeted Baron Corbin in response[...]


Fanboy Wrampage: Ryan Satin vs. Dave Meltzer Over Jobber Etiquette

Pro wrestling dirt sheet moguls Dave Meltzer and Ryan Satin got into it on Twitter last week, and their feud is still going today Things kicked off between Meltzer and Satin when Satin complained about jobber Alan Angels fighting a competitive match and kicking out of a V-Trigger by Kenny Omega on last week's AEW[...]

Mr. Bean Won't Be Fired for Nazi Wrestling Gimmick, Says School Board

Bean, who broke kayfabe by revealing that he is not actually a Nazi named Blitzkrieg, was investigated by the school board after Pro Wrestling Sheet's Ryan Satin posted a video on Twitter showing Blitzkrieg giving the Nazi salute while some of his students cheered him on.https://twitter.com/ryansatin/status/1019665641622495232The website obtained an email sent to parents of the[...]