Baron Corbin Trashes WWE Fans on the Internet: "They Are Impossible"

WWE superstar Baron Corbin is the Ratings King of Friday Nights and an accomplished meat smoker, but almost as impressive as his drawing power and cooking abilities are his skills in a Twitter flamewar. Corbin took to the social media platform to respond to a post made by another person on the WWE payroll, Ryan Satin. Satin was defending WWE for coaching fans in the Thunderdome on when to cheer and boo. He tweeted: "Wrestling fans after SmackDown: 'WWE needs the fans to be more excited in the Thunderdome.' *WWE listens and gives instructions during SummerSlam to enhance show* Fans after SummerSlam: 'HOW DARE THEY DIRECT A WRESTLING CROWD?!'"

Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights
Baron Corbin is WWE's hottest heel and the Ratings King of Friday Nights

Satin was merely doing his job — pushing the company line — and there's nothing wrong with that. But his tweet received a lot of backlash (but also a lot of support). However, King Corbin soon came to the rescue, teaming up with Satin and tweeting, "Internet fans can not be pleased no matter what. They say wear blue; you wear blue, they hate blue, why would you wear blue. 'We want this' ok here 'we hate that.' They are impossible, and they wonder why people don't listen to them."

"It's so frustrating sometimes," Satin replied a completely understandable sentiment. If someone were talking trash about the company that pays me to spin news positively about them on my wrestling dirt sheet, I would also find that very frustrating.

Frankly, The Chadster is 100% on board with everything Satin and Corbin had to say. In fact, I'd take it a step farther. It's not just internet fans who are the problem. It's all fans. I'm not even sure why WWE bothered bringing them back for the Thunderdome. If anything, the best part of the pandemic were those early WWE shows where there was no audience at all. The shows where NXT trainees were pretending to be the crowd were the next best thing, because that crowd, like Ryan Satin, was being paid to be positive about WWE's product. Now that fans are complaining about the Thunderdome, I hope that WWE realizes the error of its ways and gets rid of it. Or, they could just get people who are going to be positive about WWE all the time on the screens. Like me. Or Ryan Satin. Hit me up, WWE.


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