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Doctor Doom Gets Intimate with Conan in Savage Avengers #8 [Preview]
Savage Avengers #8 hits stores from Marvel Comics this week, by the Gerry Duggan of Comics, Gerry Duggan, and Patrick Zircher We've got a preview of this holiday-themed issue below. Doctor Doom has kidnapped Conan, which would normally be a bad way to start a friendship But Doom knows the fastest way to Conan's heart… is[...]
Savage Avengers #7 [Preview]
But would it surprise you to know that not even being a world-class magic-user can prevent you from being buried in student loan debt? That's what we learn in this preview of Savage Avengers #7, by the Gerry Duggan of Comics, Gerry Duggan, Patrick Zircher, Java Tartaglia, and Travis Lanham… This preview is focused on Doctor[...]
Savage Avengers #5 [Previ
Savage Avengers #5 is in stores on Wednesday from Marvel Comics, by the Gerry Duggan of comics, Gerry Duggan, and Mike Deodato We've got a preview of the issue below. The recap page gets us up to speed on the reason this group of Marvel killers has joined together and violated the Avengers' trademark. And we join[...]
Killing a God in Savage Avengers #4 [Preview]
On that day, the Savage Avengers were born, to sell the comics only three or four other ongoing series could sell And in this preview of Savage Avengers #4, we find these heroes facing off against Kulan Gath, who has succeeded in awakening the god Joatun Lau. Wolverine knows what Joatan Lau needs… which happens to[...]
A Marvel Knights Team-Up for Savage Avengers #3 (Preview)
This week's Savage Avengers #3 sees the titular Savage Avengers one step closer to coming together in typical Marvel decompressed fashion, as we join the preview with a fight in progress between The Punisher and The Hand, who have teamed up with the wizard Kulan Gath in a story that will be an absolute licensing[...]
Marvel September 2019 Solicitations
Sure, you joined the Savage Avengers, you get all the cool toys, but it's getting old And then, you see some cool, bad-ass dude having the time of his life, just killing whatever he wants, glistening in sweaty murder juice. It's bound to hit you You want to start seeing other gods. And then, maybe you hear[...]
Criticism Gets Extreme in Savage Avengers #1 (Preview)
Because Marvel believes that you should never let a good license go to waste, Conan the Barbarian will be starring in his fourth series starting on Wednesday when Savage Avengers #1 hits stores So what is it that will cause Conan to team up with some of Marvel's most violent characters to form this new[...]
Mike Deodato: Marvel No More
His last day working for the company will be June 14th, but the recently announced Savage Avengers, which Deodato called a farewell gift from Marvel to him, allowing him to revisit his favorite characters one more time, will continue to be published for a few months after that. Read Dedodato's full statement below. I succeeded. And I've been living[...]