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X-Men: Gold #31 cover by Phil Noto
Meanwhile, Kitty Pryde and Colossus are still reeling from their cancelled wedding when we suddenly jump to a future where mutants are on the edge of extinction thanks to the Sentinels. X-Men Gold #31 cover by Phil Noto That time jump happens just as abruptly in the comic itself We're witnessing the complex and muddled emotions of[...]
X-Men: Red #3 cover by Travis Charest
It's one of those books that succeeds on the simple merits of how it tells the story, arguably more so than the story itself. While Jean's team is full of fun and compelling characters, the return of the Sentinels and Cassandra Nova are, by the nature of their being, not the most original story premises in[...]
Swipe File: The Iron Sentinel
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