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Cory Walker's Kickfight - Another Comic In Solid Blood #17 Universe
Today sees the publication of Solid Blood #17, a comic book that you first read about on Bleeding Cool—purporting to be a comic book object from a parallel universe, Robert Kirkman, Skybound and Image distributed this book as a surprise to comic book stores this week. Solid Blood #17 is full of interesting details that demonstrate what[...]
Solid Blood #17 Is By Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, Out Next Week
You will first have read about Solid Blood #17 on Bleeding Cool, a surprise release title from Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, even though they both deny having written and drawn it Instead, it purports to be an Image Comics comic book from a different reality that turned up at the Skybound warehouses and is[...]
Solid Blood #17 Is By Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley, Out Next Week
Last week, Bleeding Cool reported that retailers were getting a mystery comic book called Solid Blood #17, with no idea what it was, without having ordered it in the first place There were lots of good guesses, from a secret Saga #55 to the return of The Pitt but lots of guesses and suggestions focused[...]
Could Solid Blood #17 Be Saga #55? And Other Theories...
The comic is listed as Solid Blood #17 with a Diamond Order Code of OCT208592 But the system has no record of such an item The only clue is that a) it is adjacent to a Top Cow/Image collection of Witchblade and b) Robert Kirkman has done this with Die!Die!Die! and Here's Negan before[...]
What Is Solid Blood #17 – A Mystery Comic In Stores Next Week?
Is there another surprise book coming up from one of the publishers? 25 0 OCT208592 SOLID BLOOD #17 3.99 99.75 12/04/20 N 25 ORD INC It looks like this books might we expected in stores on 12/16 I have confirmed with other retailers that, yes, something called Solid Blood #17 was added to their order, without their knowledge,[...]