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McFarlane Toys Unveils Full Look at DC Multiverse BAF Solomon Grundy 
Solomon Grundy is not the most popular DC Comics character, but he is a deadly threat to anyone who gets in his panther We have seen this undead powerhouse in a variety of series like Gotham, and Injustice, with even some newer debuts in the CW series Stargirl However, many Batman fans and gamers remember[...]
Solomon Grundy Rises with McFarlane’s Batman: Arkham City BAF Wave 
Each the biggest part of this line is the included Build-A-Figure as the undead giant Soloman Grundy has arrived! #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1 img { border: 2px solid #cfcfcf; } #gallery-1 .gallery-caption { margin-left: 0; } /* see gallery_shortcode() in wp-includes/media.php */ Credit: McFarlane Toys "Solomon Grundy, born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, married on Wednesday…" Collect our[...]
Who Is In Lex Luthor's New Legion Of Doom For The DC Universe? (Spoilers)
The classic membership has been thirteen members, Black Manta, Giganta, Toyman, Riddler, Bizarro, Scarecrow, Lex Luthor, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Solomon Grundy, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Sinestro. The DC Rebirth relaunch of Justice League by Scott Snyder and Jim Cheung reintroduced the Legion of Doom, now Lex Luthor, Sinestro, Cheetah, Gorilla Grodd, Brainiac, and Turtle, with former members Black Manta and Joker having been ejected[...]
Solomon Grundy
Originally in DC Comics, Solomon Grundy was the late 19th-century wealthy merchant Cyrus Gold, who is murdered and his body is disposed of in Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham City Fifty years later, in the Green Lantern strip in All-American Comics #61 in 1941, his corpse is reanimated as a huge shambling figure (composed partly of the[...]
New Origins For Solomon Grundy And Gotham in Arkham City (Spoilers)
Originally, Solomon Grundy was the late 19th-century wealthy merchant Cyrus Gold, who is murdered and his body is disposed of in Slaughter Swamp, near Gotham City Fifty years later, in the Green Lantern strip in All-American Comics #61 in 1941, his corpse is reanimated as a huge shambling figure (composed partly of the swamp matter that[...]
All American Comics #61 featuring Solomon Grundy, DC Comics 1944.
 There are more details about that background in a previous post regarding this incredible collection of comic books.  And over the course of a few dozen articles in this new series of posts, we will also be revealing the complete listing of the collection.  You can always catch up with posts about this collection at this link, which[...]
All-American Comics #61 and the True Origin of Solomon Grundy
All-American Comics #61 is the first appearance Solomon Grundy, of one of the most important super-villains of the Golden Age of comics and a character who has remained a fixture of Gotham up to modern times.  Written by Science Fiction great Alfred Bester and drawn by Paul Reinman, this Green Lantern story takes a nursery[...]
DC Primal Age 100-Page Giant 1
Of the short stories, the standouts were the Wonder Woman/ Solomon Grundy one by Jerry Ordway, Wendy Broome, and Saida Temfonte, and the Mister Freeze one by Louise Simonson, Phil Winslade, Carrie Strachan, and Carlos M Mangual Mister Freeze as a mage using magic to save his beloved? More of that please The Batman/ Lucious[...]
Drew Powell
His body was dumped in Slaughter Swamp where it came in contact with the Indian Hill toxic waste and turned him into Solomon Grundy. He spent the early part of season 4 as the unintelligent Grundy, following Nygma around until eventually his brain started working again and he hooked up with Penguin, who promised to get[...]
Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 cover by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson
Swamp Thing knows that he must kill the monster, or he and the Green will die. Swamp Thing Winter Special #1 art by Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson The follow-up story is an uncaptioned Swamp Thing story by Len Wein, Kelley Jones, and Michelle Madsen involving Solomon Grundy, Batman, and Swamp Thing's old friend, Matt Cable[...]
Butch Gilzean
And he wasn't dead — just in a coma. Image courtesy of FOX This was a huge thing for comic fans who knew the Cyrus Gold was the real name of another character… and after having his body dropped into the toxic wast in Slaughter Swamp, Butch/Cyrus rose again as Solomon Grundy Now he's the star of[...]
Gotham Season 4, Episode 8
The main story evolves Edward Nygma mocking the Penguin before Solomon Grundy's fights at Cherry's Club in the Narrows Word of these fights get to Oswald, who sends the Sirens (Barbara, Selina, and Tabitha) in to get Nygma This goes weird when Tabitha sees Butch Gilzean, AKA Grundy, and Barbara sees Lee Thompkins It ends[...]
The introduction of Solomon Grundy has now created an Of Mice and Men dynamic between him and Ed Nygma I would be surprised if we don't get a moment with Grundy petting a live rabbit somehow This could be my new favorite subplot going on Much more so than whatever is going on between Sofia[...]
DC Legends
But Enchantress will have in game events allowing players to recruit and level up the character over the course of the month. Reworked characters for the month will be Solomon Grundy (because he's a zombie) and Doctor Fate (because, again, magic), so keeping it all in with the Halloween theme. As the shadow of the Blackest Night[...]
Gotham Season 4
We'll be seeing the full-on Scarecrow, and Solomon Grundy will make his debut around episode 5 And we'll learn about the history and mission of Ra's al Ghul. Scarecrow! Penguin! Solomon Grundy! Ra's al Ghul! The hardworking cops of the GCPD will sure have their work cut out for them when Gotham returns for it's fourth[...]
gotham season 4
So he emerges reborn out of Slaughter Swamp as the character we know as Solomon Grundy." But that's not all It turns out that the first person Grundy will see is The Riddler…and Grundy has no memory at that point, according to Stephens: "We begin the story of a very unlikely friendship between these two who are[...]
The Comic Book History Of Solomon Grundy AKA Cyrus Gold
Cyrus Gold is Solomon Grundy, DC's super-strong but mentally diminished villainous zombie He was created by Alfred Bester and Paul Reinman and first appeared in All-American Comics #61 from 1944 He was made to go up against the Alan Scott Green Lantern and the Justice Society on Earth-2 He was viscous, strong and basically mindless[...]
Well, Butch isn't dead I don't think anyway, he's in the hospital with a bullet to the head, but we learn that his real name is actually Cyrus Gold… aka Solomon Grundy… so looks like things will be changing for Butch And between the way Barbara died, electrocution, and the word that we were supposed[...]
Battle Of The Big Bads – Bane Vs Solomon Grundy
I'd never of thought of putting Solomon Grundy up against Bane Truth is, I don't think about Grundy all that much Never found the character that interesting, but also never thought about him as a zombie Bane is smart and well trained With Venom running through his veins he is super strong, but without it[...]
Viral Video Clip From Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
Then again his actors are Silver Banshee, Clayface, Scarecrow and Solomon Grundy. Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem is available now on Blu-ray or Digital HD. [youtube][/youtube] The Joker is having a hard time wrangling in his actors while trying to film a viral video in this clip from Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem[...]
Bleeding Cosplay – From Battlestar Galactica To Solomon Grundy
Like these folks did. Six on Caprica (Battlestar Galactica) : Fire Lily ( photographer: Mindfall Media ( Galadhrim (Lord of the Rings) : Celticbard76 ( Gwendolyn (Odin Sphere) : Tokidoki-loki ( photographer: liquidcocaine-photos ( Rogue Champion Hawke (Dragon Age 2) : Star DustShadow Cosplay ( photographer: Ollie/Ouroboros Bulma (Dragon Ball Z) : It's Showtime, PeachyMomo ( Pin-up Cruella (101 Dalmations) : Cat O'Nine[...]
A Double Murder In Gotham's Past And A Grundy In Arrow's Future (UPDATE)
Leaves a calling card." The Joker? UPDATE: Sigh, yes, of course, it's the Waynes, what was I thinking… And coming for Arrow, a teaser that starts with Solomon Grundy: "Born on a Monday…" Someone else survived the island. Amanda makes an offer. A better use for that clocktower. What is the question you should have asked? Ollie is not the first vigilante. Not all hoods[...]
Twenty-Three Thoughts About Twenty-Three Comics – It Came, Astonishing X-Men, Black Manta, The Riddler, Mongul, Mister Freeze, The Walking Dead, Adventure Time: Candy Capers, Court Of Owls, Solomon Grundy,  Avengers, Fantastic Four, Harley Quinn, Avengers Arena, Kick Ass 3, Trigon, Sidekick, Killer Frost, Prophet, Manhattan Projects, Indestructible Hulk, Hit List And Robocop
And, thanks to a certain film, I feel forced to hear it being said in an Austrian accent. Whereas for Negan in the new Walking Dead, I am only hearing Samuel Jackson. It is also true that this week's Adventure Time: Candy Capers has more scenes of flesh eaten undead than The Walking Dead. Hey, so[...]
Who Are The 56 Villains? Tuesday Trending Topics
Glad to see Solomon Grundy in there Classic DC villain Anyway, we should make a list of these  There are 56 Villain books in September from the DCU, it seems, according to the Villain Month Omnibus story So what makes up the remaining 21? Most-Read Comic Stories Tuesday: What Books Will DC Be Sacrificing In September For[...]