McFarlane Toys Unveils Full Look at DC Multiverse BAF Solomon Grundy 

Solomon Grundy is not the most popular DC Comics character, but he is a deadly threat to anyone who gets in his panther. We have seen this undead powerhouse in a variety of series like Gotham, and Injustice, with even some newer debuts in the CW series Stargirl. However, many Batman fans and gamers remember his appearance in Batman: Arkham City as it was a sweet boss fight to take part in. Recently, McFarlane Toys had unveiled that they will be making a new DC Multiverse Build A Figure wave, with Solomon Grundy being the final product when all four figures are united. McFarlane Toys has given fans a closer look at the full built monstrosity, which you can see below:

"Our Batman: Arkham City Build-A figure line is available for pre-order NOW at select retailers! Collect ALL 4 figures including Batman, Catwoman, Penguin and Ra's Al Ghul to assemble Solomon Grundy!"

This figure is pretty bulky and I am more curious about how Solomon Grundy's articulation will be. Most Build A Figures lack that extra zest to really bring it home and but McFarlane does know how to pack these figures with detail. Batman the Merciless, Bane, and even Atrocitus look incredible, but it is hard to pose them. However, a lot of the DC Multiverse figures have been changing for the better, and I hope these new articulation methods arrive with Solomon Grundy. This figure is a beast, and he will be a sweet figure to build after you unite the whole Batman: Arkham City wave. From the Frankenstein details, gruesome head sculpt, and chained arms, this is one figure that will enhance any DC Multiverse collection. Pre-orders for the whole wave are already live and found right here with an Oct – Nov 2022 release.

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