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Mondo Music Release Of The Week: Wizard Of Oz
Basically, it's like the Criterion Collection of movie and gaming soundtracks This week sees the release of the soundtrack to one of the all-time classic, the Wizard of Oz This is an expanded and definitive version of the soundtrack, featuring over 53 tracks spread across three colored vinyl discs The artwork for the release is[...]
Record Store Day 2020 Delayed Until June 20th
So, we've decided that, this year, our best possible move is to change the date of Record Store Day to Saturday, June 20." This years Record Store Day movie soundtrack and score releases include Randy Newman's Avalon soundtrack, The Virgin Suicides soundtrack, the Lethal Weapon soundtrack, Hackers soundtrack, Dune's soundtrack, all three Austin Powers movie soundtracks,[...]
stephen king
Stephen King's books have always had such cool covers, too; it's a fitting way to release the soundtracks. This boxset is available now here It is limited, so you may want to jump on it quick. Stephen King is having quite the year Movies, books, TV shows — the guy is everywhere These are all quality[...]
The Ten Best John Williams Songs To Listen To On Star Wars Day
His greatest achievement would be the soundtracks to the 7 films that makes up the Star Wars Saga (Rogue One is not a Saga film) Since today is Star Wars Day (May the Forth be With You!) and if you are like me and have to work today, I figured I would put some of[...]