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Marvel Comics 6th January 2021
But is it enough to count as a reboot? Because Ikaris also has a problem dealing with the new look Sprite. Credit: Esad Ribic, Marvel Comics Fellow Eternal Sprite had the physical appearance of a male child but is as ancient as the rest of them Lia McHugh is playing the character in the upcoming Eternals movie,[...]
TSA Bans Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge Sphere Coke Bottles
The $5 Coke bottles are among over a 1,000 unique souvenirs that can be purchased at Galaxy's Edge, the newly-opened expansions in Disneyland in Anaheim and Disney World in Orlando. The bottles come in Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, and Sprite, which are stylized to fit the world of Batuu The bottles are marked in Aurbesh, the fictional[...]
mountain dew ice
Mountain Dew's newest family member — Mountain Dew Ice — was created as an answer to Sprite But unlike Sprite, Ice contains caffeine My boyfriend brought a case home the other day for us to try, but admittedly I hesitated I'm not a fan of Mountain Dew; it tastes like every video game room at[...]