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Kenner Vintage Was All The Rage At Star Wars Celebration

Kenner perfected the action figure with their Star Wars line of action figures back in the late 70's and early 80's. They sold millions upon millions of figures, playsets, vehicles, anything really. It is one of the most beloved toy lines of all-time, and collectors (like myself) go gaga for loose and carded figures, spending […]

Tales From The Toilet (A Star Wars Celebration Orlando Story)

This article was written by freelance photographer Denzel Eslinger. I (meaning Kaitlyn) did not go in the men's room at SWCO. Feel free to share your amusing toilet stories with Denzel on his twitter. Convention are funny places. You'll always see and hear some unique things some will warm your heart, some will enrage you, […]

Video From The 'Star Wars Rebels' Press Conference At 'Star Wars Celebration Orlando'

Video footage was shot by freelance photographer Denzel Eslinger. Follow him on twitter to see him talk about nerd stuff, toys, and soccer We got the opportunity to attend the Star Wars Rebels press conference which included executive producer Dave Filoni, voice of Ezra Taylor Gray, voice Sabine Tiya Sircar, voice of Hera Vanessa Marshall, […]

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'Star Wars' Chocolate Eggs Bring The Easter Spirit To 'Celebration Orlando'

The decision to have Star Wars Celebration Orlando over the Easter weekend presented a unique opportunity for the candy and toy makers Galerie Candy and Gifts While they are a company that makes products year round, the lack of a kinder surprise eggs in the United States have left the market wide open for the company[...]

Hasbro Knocks It Out Of The Park At Celebration

Hasbro held their Star Wars Celebration panel Saturday in Orlando. Arguably they had the most successful panel of the whole convention. Collectors have been begging for a return to super-articulated 3 3/4 inch figures, the scale we all grew up with.  It more on that later. The panel opened with a tribute of sorts to […]

After All These Years, Anakin Skywalker Actor Hayden Christensen Still Not A Fan Of Sand

It was one of the most hated moments from the prequel trilogy, which is saying something, because the prequel trilogy featured a lot of Jar Jar Binks: the livestream of Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Hayden Christensen was asked how he feels about sand, to the roar of the crowd."Well, you know, it's not very smooth," Christensen[...]

Warwick Davis Is Rukh In Star Wars: Rebels Season 4, Get Your First Look Here

Warwick Davis is joining the cast of Star Wars: Rebels, we learned at the Rebels panel at Star Wars Celebration Orlando According to Dave Filoni, Davis auditioned live onstage at Star Wars Celebration Europe, though Filoni didn't realize what was happening at the time They showed a clip of that, and then brought out Davis,[...]

98 Pictures From The Collectors Update Panel At Star Wars Celebration

I was fortunate enough to attend the Collectors Update Panel Friday afternoon at Star Wars Celebration, and there is some cool stuff coming from companies such as Hot Toys, Gentle Giant, Bandai/Tomashii Nations, Sideshow Collectibles, Kotobukiya, and more. These are the busts, statues, and life-size collectibles that will make you the envy of all your […]

Star Wars' Biggest Star Appears At The Last Jedi Panel, And Yes It's BB-8 (PHOTOS)

There were a lot of high profile guests at the Last Jedi panel hosted by Josh Gad at Star Wars Celebration Orlando today Mark Hamill Daisy Ridley John Boyega Director Rian Johnson New addition Kelly Marie Tran Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.But the biggest star of all? The adorable, merchandise moving, click baiting BB-8, of course[...]

Food Item Collectors Are Some Of The Most Interesting At Star Wars Celebration

Thursday afternoon, I got to attend a really fun and interesting discussion and tour through the various collectible food and drink packaging throughout the world for Star Wars. Hosted by collectors Johnathan McElwain and Tom Stewart, this was a fascinating area of collecting I had only dabbled in previously, but now am excited to jump into as soon […]