The Journey To 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi': A Poster, A Trailer, Not Much Else, But Still Worth It


By the time the lights dimmed and the panel began, everyone was on the edge of their seats. Lucasfilm made a great choice in picking Josh Gad to host the panel. His videos of him harassing Daisy Ridley on the set of their last film went viral, and to get someone who is a master of the stage to host a panel was a brilliant choice. He knew how to work the crowd and how to keep the panel fun, light, and entertaining. The screen behind the cast would show new pictures from the movie as everyone would collectively gasp and cheer every time a new image appeared. We also learned that Johnson is a photographer who took advantage of the fact that he was "the only person besides the film photographer who could take pictures without getting tackled." If Lucasfilm is smart, and Johnson is okay with it, they should release that as a book once the movie comes out.


They teased everyone with the idea that they might only get a new poster which made the room deflate a little but only until they saw the image. The dynamic poster is something that looks like it  belongs in a museum, and the bright red colors pop against the image of Rey holding a lightsaber to the sky. The fact that they gave everyone in the room a high quality version of the poster would be worth the lack of sleep alone, if the rest of the experience wasn't so enjoyable.

The moment that everyone was waiting for did finally come. By this point, everyone who wants to see the trailer will have already seen it, but there is something to be said about watching a trailer debut for the first time in a room full of mega-fans. Much like how my experience watching Power Rangers was improved by sitting between two mega fans, so was this an experience to last me for years — this time rather than sitting with two huge fans, I was sitting with more than 4,000 fans just as excited as I was. There is a certain electric feeling that comes when you watch something you love with tons of other people that love it as much as you do. It also helped that we found out that the cast was watching the trailer for the first time as well, so were all "sharing" that moment together.

Johnson also knew the audience he was playing to as they screened the trailer for a second time.

The panel itself didn't give us a lot in the way of new information but that was almost to be expected. Star Wars Celebration Orlando is the smallest of three major stages Disney and Lucasfilm could take this year, with D23 and Comic-Con International being much more conducive to huge reveals. That didn't seem to bother many of the people walking out of the room. The general atmosphere of the room was that it was worth the lack of sleep, the back pain from sleeping on the concrete, all worth it.

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