Detective Comics #1000 Batman Gets a Special Statue from Eaglemoss

We are finally getting to the close of the massive set of Batman statues that are spanning across the decades from Eaglemoss. Each one so far has brought back memories of comics I have read and all depict the Dark night perfectly. We have already covered the previous years and you can find Batman suits from 40s-60s here and the 70s-90s here. We are finally hitting the modern era with two more statues that cover the 2000's and the 2010's. The 2000s statue shows off the Batman suit design from Detective Comics #742 that still has the blue cape. We move away from the yellow trim though which is a good call when your stalking villainy at night. The 2010's statue is from Detective Comics #1000 which is a great suit but I wish they save that one for a 2020 statue and used the New 52 costume design. Either way, it is a great statue that shows off the dark grey cowl and cape. Any of these statues will be a great companion piece for any significant Batman comic from over the years.

Each Eaglemoss Batman Decades Statue is priced at $24.99 and you can find them all located here now in one place. Each statue will come with a collectible magazine of some sort. What costumes do you wish Eaglemoss covered? What batsuits would you like to see come out next?

I am Batman.

Credit: Eaglemoss

Batman 2000s Decades Collection Figure

As the new millennium dawned, Batman Modern Age 2000s was ready to meet a changing world! The Dark Knight entered a new millennium in an unassailable position being a cultural icon all over the world with a wide range of graphic novels being the bestsellers. In the new decade, the emphasis turned on to the character interplay and nuanced storytelling. The 2000s tested the Dark Knight with the debut of Hush, the return of Jason Todd, the arrival of Damian Wayne, and the death of Batman! This Batman Modern Age 2000s Figurine was inspired by a classic costume that debuted in Detective Comics #742. His impressive physique is equally matched by his powerful mind and his pouch-laden Utility Belt is filled with all the necessary tools to solve any mystery or case.

Credit: Eaglemoss

Batman 2010s Decades Collection Figure

Batman Modern Age 2010s Figurine is perhaps the ultimate distillation of eight decades of history! The 2010s saw Batman reborn in the New 52, that saw the publisher's entire line start over with new first issues. With the new friends and foes, the Dark Knight is at the heart of changes. The main focus was on Batman as a man – a courageous individual willing to set aside his own happiness to fight against the darkness. Gotham City also undertook some change with the mysterious Court of Owls controlling events from behind-the-scenes for centuries. This Batman Modern Age 2010s Figurine wears the new suit that was introduced in Detective Comics #1000. With a nod to classic Batsuits of the past, the new look evokes a hero whose mission is never-ending.

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