90's Batman and More are Back with Eaglemoss Statues

The Batman decades statues continue to release from Eaglemoss as we start in the 70s and end in the 90s. We have already seen statues from 1940, 1950, and 1960 and you can find them located here. In 1970, we continue to stay in the world of the blue, grey, and yellow trimmed design of the batsuit. This color scheme is quite iconic in the Batman world so it is no surprise to see a design from Detective Comic #327. For the 1980s we are still getting the same style as his 70's costume with a little more muscle. He is sporting a batrang in this statue which is a nice touch along with the cap blowing motion. The final one is the 1990 statue and it is personally my favorite of all the Eaglemoss statues we have seen so far. I get a strong Todd McFarlane vibes from the sculpt and color and I really love that about it. The long ears, the spiked cape, and the use of a dark color scheme really brings Batman fans into a darker set of Batman stories. Any of these pieces would be a great comic book companion piece that would enhance any batcave.

All of the Batman Decades Statues from Eaglemoss will be priced at $24.99 and will come with a collectible magazine. Pre-orders are already live and you can find the 1970s costume located here, the 1980s costume located here, and 1990s statue located here.

I am the Night.

Credit: Eaglemoss

Batman 1970s Decades Collection Figure

Athletic and strong, the Batman of the 1970s was ready for anything the world could throw at him! The Batman of 1970s will always be associated with the art of the talented Neal Adams, who brought back the moody ambience to Batman and his world. Shrouded in the enveloping folds of an enormous cape, the Dark Knight operated in a shadowy world of street crime and international intrigue. This Batman Bronze Age 1970s Figurine was inspired by the artwork from Detective Comics #327 and later. The Dark Knight is ready for any challenge on his way, clenching his fists and looking fiercely in the face of danger! He is shrouded in the classic colours of Batman, grey and blue, with an extra-long cape and Batman insignia in a yellow oval.

Credit: Eaglemoss

Batman 1980s Decades Collection Figure

Becoming truly timeless in the 1980s, Batman was a relentless hero who fights against evil by cloaking himself in darkness! In the 1980s Batman was presented in many different publishing formats and a variety of storytelling styles. A number of limited series and standalone graphic novels widened the Dark Knight's world, that grew ever darker as the 1980s progressed. The hero slowly morphed from a somewhat troubled team player into an obsessively focussed individual who fought relentlessly against the evil. The Batman Modern Age 1980s Figurine was inspired by Frank Miller's Batman: The Dark Knight Returns, which was set in a dystopian near-future. He is a grim hero with an aggressive expression on his face, that brings fear to the criminals of Gotham city. He holds his batarang ready to throw and his cape is fluttering in the wind.

Credit: Eaglemoss

Batman 1990s Decades Collection Figure

A tireless hero, Batman became ever more determined in the 1990s facing challenging times. Batman's world took an epic turn in the 1990s, when extended storylines became the norm – weaving through the entire line of books. With the 90s being traumatic years for the Dark Knight, the epic Knightfall breaks the "Bat" and finally sees him losing for the first time,as an earthquake turns Gotham City to rubble. This hand-painted figurine is inspired by Kelley Jones' distinctive interpretation from the mid-90s. The Batman Modern Age 1990s Figurine was inspired by Kelley Jones's distinctive interpretation from the mid-90s. This metallic resin figurine was hand-painted for incredible detail capturing more Gothic style to the overall look of the hero. He is a silent sentinel standing against a rising tide of chaos. Cloaked in shadow, he operates as a relentless force for good.

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