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Your Is-Stephanie-Brown-In-A-Published-Comic-Today Watch
Welcome to your regular guide to whether or not Stephanie Brown is a published comic today. And today's answer? Yes She appears in the third issue of the weekly Batman Eternal series, in a similar fashion to how she appeared in issue one. Like so:   You may now purchase or not, as you see fit[...]
A Comic Show – Why Does The Watcher Watch?
Over in Batman Eternal #3 we got our Stephanie Brown back, and unlike Wally her origin and set up seem exactly the same Give Eternal a shot, Snyder's fleshing out the New 52 Batverse weekly And Secret Origin #1 is here with three great pairings of character and creative teams. Over at Marvel, Original Sin #0[...]
This Is Your Batman #28 Final Page Spoiler (FINAL PAGE SPOILER)
Today's Batman #28, folks, is the return of Stephanie Brown And she knows what's going to happen She is a literal spoiler… And yes, she's bound to a chair But you can't have everything. Told you Dan had a plan So, now, are you going to buy it? Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London With an exhibition of[...]
A Comic Show – Batman Eternal=Spoiler!
I do spoil that Spoiler is in here, but you knew that, right? Stephanie Brown is in Batman Eternal and it is awesome! Superman Wonder Woman was also good this week, but it was hard to talk about anything that wasn't Batman #28, April can't get here fast enough! At Marvel, She-Hulk was the buzz book[...]
Grace Randolph's Stacktastic – The Return Of Stephanie Brown At NYCC
[youtube][/youtube] Grace Randolph writes; My review of the NYCC 2013 highlights from Marvel and DC Comics! Stephanie Brown joins the New 52 as Spoiler in weekly title Batman Eternal! Nightwing and Superboy will DIE! Guardians of the Galaxy will crossover with the X-Men, while Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers will join them! Loki grows up to become[...]
Stephanie Brown Returns In Batman Eternal – This Is The Plan
Breaking out of the New 52 liveblog by Pete Sailer (@PetesPanels) with Romeo Gebuza (@therealroman) and Dan Cello (@radicaldann) right now… Stephanie Brown will be in Batman Eternal, the new weekly Batman comic from DC coming out next year. Can't confirm actual issue number for Stephanie Brown's appearance, but "expect her soon in the weekly." Cunningham: "For all the[...]
Joker's Daughter Is NOT Stephanie Brown, Honest
Yesterday, in a semi-joking piece, RJ Droll wrote "the new Joker's Daughter (who is totally going to end up being Stephanie Brown…)" That didn't go over too well. If #StephanieBrown ends up being #JokersDaughter, I'm going to punch someone #FireDidio — August Macias (@August_Macias) September 25, 2013 Calm down, calm down, I can confirm that the young lady sporting[...]
Diggle To Join Green Arrow #25, Superman/Wonder Woman To Target A Female Audience And No Comment On Ben Affleck – The DC Panel At Toronto Fan Expo
Noir mixed with Mad Max'. As always, an audience question about Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain was answered with a resounding no from John Cunningham, there are still no plans to bring them back. But keep asking! Eddie Berganza and Brian Cunningham were also on the panel…     Diana McCallum reports for Bleeding Cool from Toronto Fan Expo. Just got[...]