Street Fighter 5

Storm Collectibles Mortal Kombat Ermac Exclusive 1

Storm Collectibles Brings Mortal Kombat, Tekken, Street Fighter Exclusives to SDCC

Storm Collectibles is offering four exclusive figures at SDCC this year. Tekken's Heihachi, and Street Fighter's Shin Akuma and a variant Alex, and Mortal Kombat's Ermac to be exact. All three figures will come with interchangeable heads and parts, along with energy bursts and whatnot. All of these will be available at their booth at […]

Street Fighter 5

Falke is Joining the Street Fighter V Roster Next Week

Capcom has revealed its latest character joining the Street Fighter V roster by way of Falke who will be added later next week. Capcom seems to have finally gotten Street Fighter V into a good spot. When the game launched, it was always a solid fighting game but dragged down by a disjointed and not […]

Street Fighter Akuma Stomr Collectibles

Street Fighter Favorite Akuma Coming from Storm Collectibles

Street Fighter favorite Akuma is the latest character from Street Fighter 5 to be coming from Storm Collectibles. He will be shipping in March for the price of $70. Three interchangeable heads along with many sets of hands will be included, along with gohadoken effect. There will also be a stand included. AKUMA (named as […]

Kolin Brings Some Nostalgia Into Street Fighter V's Second Season

Capcom dropped some amazing news for fans who were greatly anticipating who the next playable character would be to join Street Fighter V. Kolin will join the ranks of the world's greatest fighters when the game's second season kicks off. If you're a casual player and not familiar with Kolin, we don't blame you. Up […]

Capcom Say Street Fighter V Will Be Supported Until 2020

Street Fighter V, while praised for being a great fighting game, came under fire early due to… well, not having much game there. Story mode didn't come until later, and so many features were missing at launch. If you feel like you've missed the train now the game has gotten its act together, perhaps don't. […]

This Six Month Old Baby Has Mad Street Fighter V Skills

Fighting Games are notoriously complicated to master. I know I'm not very good at them, and I've played a fair few in my time. The knowledge of button combos one must remember for any given split second chance, takes a special kind of brain and practice. Although, it seems there might be a new challenger […]

PlayStation Plus Will Be Free On PlayStation 4 This Week

Are you the kind of gamer who doesn't like to pay for their online services, or perhaps just haven't found the right gsame to make you jump into the online world? Well, this weekend, at least in North America, you'll be able to sample the online goodness for free. Sony announced that PlayStation Plus will […]

Get A Look At The Full Length Street Fighter V CG Trailer

Street Fighter V is just on the horizon, and we are seeing a ton of pre-release material to show that off. We've seen chracter reveals, introductions, story trailers, gameplay and now we are at the full length CG trailer…whatever specific void that fills. It goes over all the characters in the game, showing off their […]

This Street Fighter V Video Introduces You To Ken

One of the most daunting things about learning a fighting game is understanding the shorthand for who does what. It is a pretty high barrier for entry for casual players and certainly turns more than a few off. That is what this new video series is clearly aimed at though. It is going to run […]

Street Fighter V Trailer Shows The Modes You'll Be Able To Dip Into

Capcom's crown jewell is about to make a roaring return. Street Fighter V is just around the corner now and fighting game fans will finally have the juggernaut franchise's next instalment. This new trailer should give you an idea of what variety you'll have at your finger tips when the game launches. It goes through […]

Street Fighter V Trailer Shows Off Every Launch Fighter In The Game

Street Fighter V is not so far away now, with the game launching in February. During the PlayStation Experience keynote we got the reveal of the last character to join the fight too, the rather bizarre looking F.A.N.G. To get you nice and primed though and to make sure you haven't missed anything, take a […]

Street Fighter V Release Date And Dhalsim Announced

Finally we have a release date for Street Fighter V. The game was announced last year, but during Sony's Paris Games Week conference, it was annonuced the game would be hitting on February 16th, 2016. Dhalsim was also announced for the game, meaning the yoga master will bring is stretchy brand of combat to the […]

New Street Fighter V Character Laura Gets A Trailer

Last week, the news of completely new Street Fighter V character, Laura, accidentally slipped out. We saw pictures of what she looked like then, but nothing leaked of her in motion. Well, here is a little clean up. This trailer has now hit the web, showing off the Brazilian fighter. Much like Street Fighter's other famous […]

All New Street Fighter V Character Announced In The Form Of Rashid

Street Fighter V has been filling out its roster over the last month or so, and we are slowly ramping up to the game's release early next year. There seems to be a concerted effort to add to the Street Fighter universe with this release too, having already had all new character Necalli announced. Well, we […]

R. Mika Has Been Confirmed For Street Fighter V

The other day, we learnt that we'd be getting a new Street Fighter V character announcement, which has now come to pass. As I noted was most likely, R. Mika is the character joining the roster, and she is quite…something. Her outfit and demanour are ridiculous, but that is obviously the point. I mean, her […]

Street Fighter V News Coming This Weekend

PAX is happening this week, which means we can expect another influx of news to hot up around the gaming industry. (Is anyone feeling convention fatigue yet?) One game we can expect to hear some news from is Street Fighter V. The fighting game will be at the show and it'll have some announcements to […]