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Capcom has announced three new characters will be coming to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition on the last day of EVO 2019 Two of whom people will be stoked to see and a third that falls right in line with Capcom's crossover tendencies First off, the Street Fighter II roster is finally complete as they[...]
Capcom Will Offer "Street Fighter V" Characters For A Timed Event
It appears Capcom has decided to celebrate EVO 2019 in a special way by offering some free content in Street Fighter V for a limited time In a rare move by the developers, they will be offering Street Fighter V free for a short period of time on PC and PS4 where you can experience[...]
Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Has The Biggest EVO 2019 Signups So Far
In a distant second is Street Fighter V with just over 1,900 and Tekken 7 with nearly that The big shockers for this come from Dragon Ball FighterZ slipping down after being a major name last year, Mortal Kombat 11 not having nearly as impressive a showing as people were hoping for, and Samurai Shodown[...]
Capcom Bans a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker Tournament
Capcom may have just set a new president when it comes to Street Fighter V esports as they ban a Hit-Box Controller at Combo Breaker For years people have been of two minds when it comes to these customized controllers that people bring to tournaments, going all the way back to the first few years[...]
ESPN Releases Schedule For Inaugural Collegiate Esports Championship
Five different games will have qualifying matches as well as proper tournament bracket eliminations between May 10th-12th, including Hearthstone, Overwatch, Starcraft II, Street Fighter V, and Heroes of the Storm Check out the entire schedule below as they will be broadcast on ESPN as well as and its Twitch and YouTube esports channels. credit//ESPN Qualifying Teams/Matchups The championship[...]
Street Fighter V Will Be Free-To-Play From April 23rd Until May 5th
Capcom has decided to make a special offer to fighting game fans this week as they will make Street Fighter V free-to-play for the next two weeks The company sent out a blog post last week letting players know that starting on April 23rd and running until May 5th, you can download a special free[...]
Capcom Promotes the Field Of Fate Coming to Street Fighter V
Capcom is promoting a new stage being added to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition as they'll be bringing in the Field of Fate from the animated movie The company released a brand new promo video showing off the level from Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie If you've never seen the scene, you can check[...]
Collegiate StarLeague Offers Street Fighter V Options in U.S. and Canada
Those of you looking to do esports in college through the Collegiate StarLeague have a new option as Street Fighter V will be added to the mix The program will be called the Street Fighter League: NA-College 2019 and will offer opportunities throughout the United States and Canada We have the schedule for you below as well as[...]
Street Fighter V on Steam Drops DirectInput and Direct PS4 Controller Support
Those of you who have been playing Street Fighter V on Steam may need to seek new ways of using a controller on the platform after Wednesday The latest update to the game, Version 4.021, which will go into effect on February 27th, will eliminate support for DirectInput and Direct PS4 controllers What this basically means is[...]
Street Fighter V Characters Are Coming to Puzzle & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment has announced today that Puzzle & Dragons will be seeing some Capcom faces added to the mix with Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Starting on March 3rd you'll be seeing three new dungeons and a slew of new characters from the iconic fighting game added to the system, which we have listed below, as[...]
Capcom Removed In-Game Ads From Street Fighter V
One of the more controversial things in Street Fighter V that fans haven't really enjoyed are the in-game ads you see from time to time Capcom added the feature to where you could watch ads in the game and earn fight money for doing so, which sent people over the edge on social media[...]
Capcom Moving Away From Street Fighter V Season Passes
You may have noticed that when Capcom put out their latest Street Fighter V character into the roster, you didn't have an option to purchase a new season pass A number of people caught onto the fact that there was no promotion for another season's worth of characters to be purchased all at once, and[...]
Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Welcomes a New Fighter with Kage
Capcom took advantage of the Capcom Cup tournament today to show off a new fighter for Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition named Kage The character was revealed by Executive Producer Yoshinori Ono at the end of the night with a fresh new trailer and the news that he was available for purchase today for $6[...]
M. Bison's Classic Look is Coming Back to Street Fighter V
Bison's old attire is returning in Street Fighter V Fetching a look that goes all the way back to 1991, the company will be adding Bison's classic look from his first appearance, complete with pointless shoulder guards and bright red fabric The news came down on their Twitter feed today, letting people know it would[...]