Mattel Creations Street Sharks Concept Figures Come Ashore Today

Today is the day that Street Shark fans have been waiting for with the upcoming releases of their new figures from Mattel Creations. This past week, we have been celebrating the legacy of the street sharks with a brief recap of their history, as well as covering some of the coolest heroes and villains Mattel created for them. It all has been leading up to today's (August 27, 2021) event with a special Mattel Creations release. Our incredible fans over at Mattel sent us some of these Street Sharks figure to check out, and we will be loading this article out with a closer look. Plus, keep your eyes peeled for reviews of each starting later today and throughout the week.

Starting things off first is what the figures are, and that is three concept Street Shark designs that never made it to production. These figures are original concept designs of some alternate possibilities of what the Street Sharks were going to be. Three figures are getting released, which will include the legendary Ripster before he became the shark you know and love. We also have Karkass, who was the precession to Dr. Piranoid, who is more monster than man and really diving into the piranha role. Last but not least, we have my favorite release of Clambo, who is seen in the series as the infamous Clammando. Clammando was originally set to get a toy for the original Street Sharks line and never say never, as he is back with his original concept design and locked and loaded.

These Street Sharks figures are more than your average action figure but a symbol of what could have been. Street Sharks is a widely popular and beloved franchise, and as a historian, it's a treat to see these concept designs come to life. Each figure is priced at $75 each, and while that does seem high, these figures are the true treasures for any Street Sharks fan. All three figures will cone in some sweet window-packed box with some fun art on the sides and an iconic logo that just pops. They are nicely detailed, paced with some classic 90s accessories, and will easily be a highlight collectible for any fan's collection. These could even be the stepping stones for a Street Sharks relaunch, and who knows what jawesomeness could arise for the waters after this launch. The Mattel Creations launch is set to take place right here at 12 PM EST, so be sure to set those alarms and stay tuned for an even close look at Ripster, Karkass, and Clambo.

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