Street Sharks Takeover: A Look At Our Favorite Fintastic Heroes

Street Sharks are back as Mattel is dishing out some brand new never before seen concept figures this Friday, August 27, 2021. With the return of this legendary toy line, we wanted to dive into the past and reminisce on some of our favorite figures. Mattel is the one who started this line back in 1994 with an animated show that lasted 3 years and gave us 40 episodes. So fans might be curious who the infamous Street Sharks are, and we have you covered right here with our quick recap of the franchise. As we dive into the history of the jawesome characters, we wanted to pick out some of our favorite heroes in the popular Mattel toy line.

Starting things off first, are of course, the four brothers with Ripster, Blades, Big Slammu, and Jab. Each of these figures is the beginning of the franchise, and they are what really sold it to kids back then. All of them feature a super fun gimmick making them unique and stand out to other toy lines with Big Slammu and his Super Slam Fist, Blades rollerblades and extending claws, Jab's Jackhammer Launching Headbutt, and of course, Ripster's Power Punching Action. Each Street Sharks character was so different in the world of toys during the '90s, and that's what made them shine. Mattel really knew what they were releasing and it shows with the packaging which was underappreciated back then. The added underwater cage is just a well-done very thoughtout design that shows that raw shark power every kid loves.

The four main brothers were not the only hits of the heroes in the franchise, but Moby Lick, Rox, and Streex were also a hit. Moby Lick was a killer whale with a massive tongue that had Water Blasting Action. Rox features actual hair (which was odd), but he lit up the stage with his Rock and All moves and killer guitar. Streex took hockey to a new level with his Battle Gear that would easily take down Dr. Piranoid and his minions. So other honorable mentions are the special Metallic Street Sharks figures that really showed off a new deco and glow-in-the-dark teeth that would make your Sharks collection stand out to other kids in the neighborhood.

The Street Sharks are a national treasure; they capture the essence of the 1990's toy world and need time to shine once again. The upcoming Mattel Creations Concept figures bring back the jawesome and fintastic designs of the Sharks. These will easily be a highlight piece to your collection, and fingers crossed, we can get a full-on Street Sharks to return later on. These new figures go live tomorrow right here with Mattel Creations at 12 PM EST, so set your alarms.

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