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Mike Raicht Talks Dark Shadows And The End Of The Stuff Of Legend
The writer made his mark on the industry with the amazing all-age's story The Stuff Of Legend and went on to do the pulpy sci-fi Wild Blue Yonder with IDW at the same time he's been doing the horror classic Dark Shadows for Dynamite Nancy Collins caught up with the talented Mr Raicht to talk[...]
So What Is Brian Smith's Deal Anyway? (UPDATE)
But what gave him the confidence to do that now? Smith is the co-creator of Stuff Of Legend, for Th3rd World Comics, a title Bleeding Cool has featured a number of times But he also has a comic, The Intrepid Escape Goat which he writes, draws and owns completely. One way or another, I'm told that Brian[...]
Where To Get Your Free Comic Book Day Comics Online – Mouse Guard, Buffy, Star Wars And Finding Gossamyr
But it's up on Vimeo now… [vimeo][/vimeo] And as for the Th3rd World Studios offering Finding Gossamyr and Stuff Of Legend flipbook, you can find that… right here on Bleeding Cool FOREVER!!!! [issuu width=420 height=325 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120508093312-e49c99e841244377a2c5334d47ae7b82 name=th3rdworld-fcbd-2012-gossamyr username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2]   [...]