suicide risk

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I know whose side I am on...While Suicide Risk #17 takes the brave choice to stand up and say that going crazy and killing people might not be the ideal eventuality...Avengers #34.1 gives us a "special" episode of the Marvel Universe, as Hyperion gives us a philosophical run through what it means to be a superhero,[...]

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I feel manipulated but what's worse is that I just don't care.From Suicide Risk #4 And, no This is a comic You get ever ending suffering and misery Don't you know how things work? Still if we're getting all religious......then Catalyst #3 gives us an angel in a white (ish) suit And hair, so it[...]

A Villain Named Dr Maybe – Welcome To Suicide Risk

That's ok, you're among friends.) Christos Gage's Absolution, Si Spurrier's Extermination, the recent Millar release Jupiter's Legacy, Waid's Irredeemable, the new reigning champion of totally debauched superhero eviscerations, Ennis & Robertson's The Boys, most of Warren Ellis's entire Avatar output could easily slide into this list; these are the books that help break your head[...]