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Advanced Death Saves
It also features work by some excellent talent from all corners of independent comics, including several first time creators: Tara Madison Avery, Kat Baumann, Mike Bernal, Kevin Budnik, Christopher Baggett, Chris "Chance!" Brown, Matteo Carlarino, Joel Carroll, Kevin Castaniero, Matt Digges, Taylor Esposito, Adrián Bago Gonzalez, Patrick Horvath, Mandy James, Ryan King, Maia Kobabe, Jonathan Lareva,[...]
Post NYCC – Prism Comics Presents: Autobio In Queer Comics
Apparently, in this one panel room, this is not the case. As such, I missed the first question and response from moderator Tara Madison Avery to L Nichols on their work, Flocks, as I tried to get my devices working and ultimately caved for the good old fashioned pen and paper method However, Flocks can be[...]