52 Stories From ComicsPRO – Time To Catch Up On What You Missed Out On

Well, that was a busy few days in Memphis, Tennessee Here are 52 stories from ComicsPRO - mostly covered by Bleeding Cool but there's more besides And bound to be more to come out later in the week...https://twitter.com/nerdage/status/832324709912104962 State Of The IndustryMore Comics And Graphic Novels Sold In Comic Stores In 2016 Than In 2015,[...]

A Few Exclusive Variants For Attendees Of ComicsPRO

Next week sees the big ComicsPRO event for comic book retailers. Are you going? Do let us know. Here are a few of the freebies that will be awaiting you… An exclusive Mike Mignola variant for The Visitor : How And Why He Stayed from Dark Horse Comics. A Mindbender variant cover by David Boller […]

Marvel's David Gabriel Gets ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award

Their presentation may have been minor at ComicsPRO compared to DC Comics. But it was a Marvel employee who took home the major ComicsPRO recognition. Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, David Gabriel, 2016 ComicsPRO Industry Appreciation Award from retailers at ComicsPRO in Portland. While Bill Gaines, the publisher of EC Comics and the […]

Oni Press Announces Rick And Morty Spinoff Lil' Poopy Superstar At ComicsPRO

Sarah Graley is writing Oni Press' spin-off mini-series of Rick And Morty, entitled Lil' Poopy Superstar. It launches on July 13th. Writer / Artist / Cover Artist: Sarah Graley Back-up comics by Sarah Graley and Marc Ellerby Colorist: Mildred Louis Final Order Cutoff: June 20, 2016 In Shops: July 13, 2016 Price: $3.99 Synopsis: Mr Poopybutthole is […]

A Look At Fresh Romance Vol 1, From Oni Press, Announcing At ComicsPRO

Here's your first look at the cover to Fresh Romance Vol 1, the print version of Rosy Press' digital comic anthology, revealing at Oni Press' presentation at ComicsPRO The critically-acclaimed anthology FRESH ROMANCE is finally available in print! Have you been wondering what the fuss is all about? FRESH ROMANCE is an exciting collection of romance […]

A Very Gay Robin Hood – Merry Men From Oni Press, Announcing At ComicsPRO

It wouldn;t be the first time the question has been asked. But in June, Oni Press are publishing a new homosexual take on Robin Hood called Merry Men, from Robert Rodi and Jackie Lewis. 13th century England. Robert Godwinson, former lover of King Richard, lives with his band of Merry Men in Sherwood Forest, away […]

Valiant's New Female Hero is CLASSIFIED – Not Announcing At ComicsPRO

Valiant just wrapped their retailer presentation at ComicsPRO 2016, where they offered a number of new insights into their upcoming 4001 AD crossover. Highlighting the critical and sales success of their previous event storylines – Harbinger Wars, Armor Hunters, and Book of Death – Valiant's Hunter Gorinson and Atom Freeman promised that 4001 AD would […]

The Retailer Reception Received By DC Comics At ComicsPRO

DC Comics were in Portland to tell retailers about Rebirth. But retailers had some other things they wanted to talk to DC Comics about. As marketshare and sales of DC Comics titles have fallen and blockbuster books have slipped their schedules, they had plenty of time in the four hour session t get it off […]

Marvel Comics Publish Deadpool Vs Gambit 5 Issue Series, Announcing At ComicsPRO

They did just announce Deadpool vs. Gambit 5 issue series. #ComicsPRO — Obsolete Vernacular (@mr_oberts) February 19, 2016 There we go. Marvel gave the official PR to ComicBook. Announcing at ComicsPRO that Deadpool vs. Gambit, will be a new 5 issue mini-series by Ben Acker, Ben Blacker and Danilo Beyruth, about the time when the pair used to run cons […]

Hammer House Of Horror Returns To Comics, From Titan, Announced At ComicsPRO

At ComicsPRO, Titan Comics – as well as announcing Warhammer 40,000 comics and Sherlock manga, also announced a line of comics using the Hammer Films brand. Known for classic British horror films, not all of them starring Peter Cushing, including the likes of The Quatermass Experiment, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Devil Rides Out and Dracula.  And more […]

ComicsPRO Swag Has Already Hit eBay For Hundreds

So what kind of swag have retailers at the ComicsPRO event in Portland been able to pick up? Here are some reports… And it started with ashcans for The Fix in the bar… Yesterday was the unofficial start of the annual ComicsPRO meeting, a three-day conference… https://t.co/TaFM1IiLq6 pic.twitter.com/OEO5HQEJWt — Merrick Monroe (@merrickmonroe) February 18, 2016 […]