Eric Stephenson's New ComicsPRO Variant Of Nowhere Men #1 Sells For $50 On eBay – And Power Rangers Sells For $500

Last night at ComicsPRO in Portland, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson gave an impassioned speech which, among many things, talked about the dangers of publishers using variant covers for short term gains rather than long term brand building.


He also gave away a new variant cover for his comic book Nowhere Men #1 to retailers at the show. Someone has already sold it for $50 on eBay.


Though the previous version from a few years ago is still selling for around $90.


And feel sorry for the fellow who sold his copy of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 ComicsPRO exclusive for $100 two nights ago.


As last night they were selling on eBay for $500.

e5 The other variant cover hits of the show are Spider-Man #1 selling for up to $150 and Deadpool: Mercs For The Money selling for up to $100.e6

It will all end in tears, I know it.

Read more from ComicsPRO here.

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