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Mackenzie Davis Terminator: Dark Fate Character Grace is Not a Machine

Mackenzie Davis 'Terminator: Dark Fate' Character Grace is "Not a Machine"

One of the things were were super curious about when the cast list for the 6th entry in the Terminator franchise (Terminator: Dark Fate) was who in the world of Cyberdyne and Skynet Mackenzie Davis would be playing. "She's not a machine," director Tim Miller says of Davis's character Grace.  "She's enhanced. She is a machine-fighter – […]

Terminator: Dark Fate Poster Ahead of Tomorrows Trailer

'Terminator: Dark Fate' Poster Ahead of Tomorrow's Trailer

Yes, we have our hopes set ridiculously high for the return of the real Sarah Conor (Linda Hamilton) in the upcoming 6th Cyberbyne Saga film, Terminator: Dark Fate. It isn't JUST because she's returning, but in Hamilton's own words, WHY she's returning to the iconic role of a badass mom trying to prevent the end of […]

6 Photos from Terminator: Dark Fate Sarah Conor Looks Bada**

6 Photos from 'Terminator: Dark Fate', Sarah Conor Looks Bada**!!

Perhaps one of the films we're the most looking forward to is the one we know the least about- Terminator: Dark Fate. Sure, we know who's directing, who's starring, and the basics of the world we'll be diving into, but as soon as you toss in Cyberdyne Systems time-traveling cyborgs, anything is possible. 6 photos from […]

Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) to Score Terminator: Dark Fate

Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) to Score 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

We are super pleased to report that Junkie XL (aka Tom Holkenborg) will be scoring the upcoming 6th installment in the Terminator franchise, Terminator: Dark Fate. We'll admit we still listen to Junkie XL's Mad Max: Fury Road score at least once a week. Needless to say, this choice is pretty exciting, and we were already super hopeful about Tim Miller's take […]

Arnold Schwarzenegger on Terminator 6 Control Freak James Cameron

Arnold Schwarzenegger on 'Terminator 6' "Control Freak" James Cameron

I’ve seen 15 minutes and it looked great and I was very excited about it.Well, I’m reluctant to say anything about Terminator 6 other than we’ve successfully completed filming of it in Budapest I was filming there for three months I had a wonderful time and it was a fantastic city to shoot with great[...]

James Cameron Says Terminator 6 is Called Terminator: Dark Fate

James Cameron Says 'Terminator 6' is Called 'Terminator: Dark Fate'

Director James Cameron just revealed the title for the upcoming 6th Terminator film, which will see the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton.[caption id="attachment_752201" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Filmmaker James Cameron,Photo by s_bukley / Shutterstock.com[/caption]While speaking with Yahoo News during a red carpet stop for Alita: Battle Angel, Cameron shared the title of Terminator 6, as well as some insight about the[...]

What We Just Learned About Terminator 6 from Arnold Schwarzenegger

What We Just Learned About 'Terminator 6' from Arnold Schwarzenegger

If you've forgotten- here's a reminder from the original Terminator himself that we're getting Terminator 6.In a new behind-the-scenes video posted to Magyar Nemzeti Filmalap, we get to see some pretty interesting things thanks to Andy Vajna and his visit to the Hungarian set for the film.Director Tim Miller talks about how great it's been to shoot[...]

Gabriel Luna Gets Terminator Training from the T-800 Himself

Gabriel Luna Gets 'Terminator' Training from the T-800 Himself

Things are moving along at a cyberdyne-set pace for Terminator 6, and it looks like Gabriel Luna is getting some expert training for his role in the upcoming film.Former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger tweeted just recently an image of himself in a gym, in what looks like a trainer-like role for Luna along with the caption, "machine learning".Machine[...]

Tim Miller James Cameron on Bringing Linda Hamilton Back For Terminator 6

Tim Miller, James Cameron on Bringing Linda Hamilton Back For 'Terminator 6'

The best part of this particular installment is the return of T1 and T2 writer/director James Cameron, as well as Sarah badass Conner herself, Linda Hamilton, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.That's not to say the addition of Deadpool director Tim Miller isn't exciting, because it totally is, and a recent interview with the pair sort of upped my personal[...]

First Official Image For Terminator 6 has Linda Hamilton Mackenzie Davis

First Official Image For 'Terminator 6' has Linda Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis

A lot of it seems like prognostication because it's coming to be — the world we live in right now. Terminator 6 (which is just being called 'Terminator' at this point, a different title may be revealed eventually) is set to hit theaters November 22nd 2019. This is one of the few reboot/revisits/continuations of classic science[...]

The Terminator Reboot Moves to a November 2019 Release Date

The Terminator Reboot Moves to a November 2019 Release Date

We have yet another delay for a big production today. According to Deadline, the Terminator reboot has been moved from July 26th, 2019 to November 22nd, 2019. Paramount did not give a specific reason as why they decided to move the production, but there hasn't been much in the way of casting just yet. At SXSW, […]

Terminator 6 Gets A July 2019 Release Date

Terminator 6 Gets A July 2019 Release Date

Terminator 6 is on the way whether we want one or not and now we have a release date In an extended interview with The Hollywood Reporter director Tim Miller and producer James Cameron about the movie and gives us the July 26, 2019 release date At the moment it's up against an Untitled Sony Animation[...]

Linda Hamilton Is Returning For Terminator 6

Linda Hamilton Is Returning For Terminator 6

It turns out she'll be back too. It was announced today on The Hollywood Reporter that Linda Hamilton is making her return to the Terminator franchise. After twenty-five years and skipping three installments, Hamilton will join director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger as the team is brought together yet again. "As meaningful as she was […]