Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community

Tapas, the leading digital publishing platform of webcomics and novels, has launched Tapastry,  the community side of the platform for all creators to share their stories and find their audience. The Tapas creator community contributed to the naming pool and ultimately decided on 'Tapastry.' Tapas creators Sera Swati and Miqin originally submitted the name.

Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community
Tapastry banner, courtesy of Tapas

Just like countless individual unique threads being woven together to form one detailed picture, also called a tapestry, the Tapas creators have created a community that is unique in the publishing landscape." The Tapastry mascot, Pupper, was also created by Bilvy, creator of multiple series on Tapas. This was first reported on Tapas' Newsfeed and January Newsletter.

Tapas Launches Tapastry, the Tapas Creator Community

"Tapastry is actively working towards making it possible for creators to earn money with their craft. Once a creator hits a benchmark for subscribers or social media followers, they can apply for our monetization programs, which will pay the creator based on unlocks of series episodes or monthly views," a Tapas representative said. "Also, Tapastry does offer creators editorial support to help shape their story. Tapas has always supported creators from the UGC side with in-app marketing support such as editors picks and featuring series in the carousel on the mobile app."

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"The Beginning After the End" key art, Tapas

Tapas' community creators have already seen great success thanks to this supportive model, including series that are now part of Studio Tapas Originals, Magical Boy, which has been optioned for television and just announced a book deal with Scholastic, top comic and novel The Beginning After The End – which has been translated into six languages so far and topped the sales charts of webcomic publishers across the globe, The Witch's Throne, Whispers of the True King, and Tapas Exclusive Lost and Found – all of which began on the community section of the platform. Tapastry will continue to be the Tapas community for creators to develop their stories. Tapastry will also provide community creators with opportunities for editorial support, marketing, and revenue.

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