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The Bleeding Cool Top 25 TV Influencers 2019 Countdown: #25-#21
The philosophy's worked, with major cinematic success stories like: The Purge and Paranormal Activity franchises; Get Out, Split, and the recently released Halloween sequel. While not new to television, Blumhouse planted their flag in 2018 with projects like HBO's Sharp Objects, Facebook Watch's Sacred Lies, Netflix's Ghoul, USA Network's The Purge, and Hulu's Into the Dark[...]
Stargirl: The Purge's Brian Stapf to Go Where The Wildcat Is
DC Universe understands that you can't have a "Justice Society of America" without some members, so the roster continues to grow – now with The Purge's Brian Stapf set to join the streaming service's upcoming live-action Stargirl series in the recurring role of JSA founding member Ted Grant/Wildcat Stapf joins Brec Bassinger (Courtney Whitmore/Stargirl), Joel McHale (Sylvester Pemberton/Starman), and Lou[...]
Fantasy Island Title Card
With The Purge series successfully transitioning to television, they can use one of those reliable film series like it to take its place on the big screen This could be it. Fantasy Island, starring Michael Pena, Lisa Hale, Jimmy O Yang, Portia Doubelday, Maggie Q and Ryan Hansen and directed by Jeff Wadlow, will open on[...]
Purge TV Show Poster 5
The Purge concluded its run on USA Tuesday, and thankfully it finished way stronger than it should have Ending with what amounted to a two-part finale was a great idea, and one they executed as well as they possibly could have Our hero that was not really a hero Joe held trials on people who[...]
The Purge Episode 3 Still 1
The Purge has been given a second season order by the USA Network The series, which finishes its first season tonight, will be back to showcase another 12 hour period where all crime is legal in the United States The show is averaging 2.3 million viewers an episode when you factor in the Live+7 numbers,[...]
The Purge Episode 8 Still 1
For the first seven episodes of The Purge, we have believed certain things to be true Miguel is Superman Rick is spineless Penelope is a walking contradiction Lila is strong and confident Jane makes a lot of stupid decisions So on and so on Last nights episode "The Giving Time is Here" flipped everything on[...]
The Purge Episode 7 Still 2
The Purge has gone a bit off the rails these last couple weeks Sadly this weeks episode was full of weird story beats, wooden acting in spots, and aimlessness that tells me some of these storylines should not have lasted the whole ten episode run Case in point: I am not really sure we need[...]
The Purge Episode 4 Still 4
The Purge really took a big swing at exploring how society at large deals with the holiday last night, to mixed results The show was always about expanding the scope of the films, and through three episodes it still felt a little contained to some tighter spaces Well, except our hero Miguel, running around everywhere. This[...]
The Purge Episode 3 Still 1
The Purge brought things to a boil on a lot of fronts last night, with Miguel just missing saving Penelope, Jane's Purge Night from Hell continuing, Rick and Jenna coming to grips with what taking money from the Stantons really entails, and a vigilante superhero is out and about saving people! 'The Urge to Purge'[...]
The Purge Episode 2 Still 4
The Purge has started and in episode 2, we get a deepening of the mysteries, flashbacks, and are introduced to even more new characters As the episode opens, we see a man getting ready to go out for Purge Night as if he was getting ready for work He packs his lunch, readies his weapons,[...]
The Purge TV Show Still
The Purge 10-episode television event kicked off last night on the USA network, less than two months after the latest feature film in the series hit theaters (The First Purge), showing us the origins of the event This series takes place in a post-First Purge world, between the second at third films in the series[...]
Purge TV Show Poster 4
Purge fans: it is almost time. The Purge's 10-episode television event, based on the wildly successful film series, will be debuting on the USA Network in less than a month After a very successful SDCC this year where they hosted a packed panel and amazing offsite activation, IGN today revealed six new posters for the show[...]