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The Ring 20th Anniversary Blu-ray Steelbook Out October 18th
The Ring is twenty years old this year, and Paramount is celebrating by releasing another edition of the film on Blu-ray, this time as a collectible Steelbook Starring Naomi Watts and setting off a pretty low period for US horror, it did open people's eyes to the excellent films coming out of Japan, so I[...]
The Sadako Killer Climbs Her Way Into Dead By Daylight
Behaviour Interactive has officially released the latest major update into Dead By Daylight as Sadako climbs into the game. Credit: Behaviour Interactive Better known to western audiences as Ringu, or the girl from The Ring, the killer has been freaking people out on Twitch in the test servers for the past few weeks, as you can see[...]
Yuko Takeuchi, 40, Star of The Ring and Miss Sherlock, passes away
She was the lead in the original Japanese version of The Ring where she played a reporter desperate to save herself and her son from the ghostly Sadako Naomi Watts played her role in the Hollywood remake She received critical acclaim for her various film roles, including Yomigaeri (2003), for which she was nominated for[...]
The Ring, Ju-On and The Eternal Wrath of Asian Ghost Woman
Sadako from The Ring and Kayako from Ju-on (aka "The Grudge") are the 21st Century updates of an archetype that has been part of Asian folklore for hundreds of years, made popular again by the movies. Still from "Sadako vs Kayako", Shudder A Universal Horror Archetype The most striking thing about the likes of Sadako and Kayako is[...]
lord of the rings
Of interest: the Lord of the Rings trilogy, Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Kill Bill 1&2, Pan's Labyrinth, TMNT, TMNT: The Secret of the Ooze, Naked Gun, and the debut of Tyler Perry's A Fall From Grace. For the TV fans, Netflix will remove Friends from the service…but only for five months[...]
Rings Has Been Delayed Into 2017
Poor Rings. The film has had a rough go of it, with it already being delayed two times. Well, it has just seen one more, moving from a lucrative October