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Something Is Killing The Children Celebrates 5th Anniversary With Erica Slaughter: Year One
Hot off the announcement of Tiny Onion's seed funding and expansion into a production company, at ComicsPro's Annual Industry Meeting, Boom Studios is promoting the 10th anniversary of creator James Tynion IV's debut as an original author at the publisher with The Woods In a first for Boom, they are centring one of their Free[...]
James Tynion IV is twiddling his Batman thumbs
Lyrical Media is a film production company best known for producing films Bruiser, How to Blow Up a Pipeline, and Mother, Couch. They have now put the seed investment behind James Tynion IV's Substack publisher Tiny Onion, now launched as an independent multimedia production company Which they state have "aggressive plans for the new independent production[...]
James Tyion IV Moves Onion Club From Substack To Third Eye
James Tynion IV was probably the highest profile comic creator to launch their comic book offerings on Substack a year-and-change ago, quitting the DC Comics monthly Batman comic book to do so, and launching his Tiny Onion subscription Substack service with the premium level The Onion Club, offering a series of premium variant covers of[...]
James Tynion IV Offers His Own Sandman Variant Covers Through Substack
Last month I got some Christmas cards from James Tynion IV, as a subscriber to his Tiny Onion substack International post can be a bugbear right now But it does demonstrate that Tynion has probably been the most effective in gaining subscribers for Substack and sending out benefits to his premium subscribers – or least[...]