Streets Of Rogue will be getting a sequel somewhere in the future.

Streets Of Rogue Developer Says A Sequel Is Coming

Some very cool news for fans of Streets Of Rogue as the indie developer behind the game says they are currently working on a sequel at the moment. The game's creator, Matt Dabrowski, took to the official Steam Page to post a couple of announcements. The first being that Version 88 has been uploaded for […]

Pathologic 2 Releases a Gameplay Overview Ahead of Launch

Pathologic 2 Releases a Gameplay Overview Ahead of Launch

tinyBuild's Pathologic 2 will be launching soon, and in celebration of the release, we have a brand new trailer that walks you through the major gameplay mechanics and systems in the game, so you can jump right in on launch day. If you played the first game, quite a bit of Pathologic 2 should feel familiar, but […]

Getting a Glimpse of TinyBuild's Upcoming Games at PAX East 2019

Getting a Glimpse of TinyBuild's Upcoming Games at PAX East 2019

Whenever we visit a game convention, we always look for the orange banner of tinyBuild Games to check out, as we did this year at PAX East. Aside from getting a blinking lanyard, orange shades, and a Hello Neighbor doll that made everyone on the flight home ask me "what is that?", we got to […]

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek Launches on the Epic Games Store

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is the prequel to Hello Neighbor and is one of the first games to launch on the Epic Games Store. The prequel follows the tragic story of the Neighbor's family, as players take on the role of Mya as she plays a game of hide-and-seek with her brother. Both characters are […]

Hello Neighbor: Hide & Seek is as Unstable as the Original

Hello Neighbor is a surprisingly popular franchise given its absolutely unstable build. The game has a very active modding community on Steam and has sold over half a million copies. While the premise is rather interesting, the execution is pretty terrible. And yet, Dynamic Pixels and tinyBuild are giving it a sequel. Hello Neighbor: Hide […]

Swag & Sorcery is the RPG Sim for People Who Hate RPGs

Swag & Sorcery is Lazy Bear Games, Uroboros Games, and tinyBuild's answer to people who like Fantasy worlds but hate RPGs. It is basically an RPG simulator in which you control several adventurers, send them out on missions, collect their gear, and then sell it. You get all the joy of city building and RPG […]

TinyBuild Announces 5 New Games at PAX West

Indie publisher TinyBuild announced five new games at their PAX West press conference this evening alongside announcements for previously revealed games like Rapture Rejects, Party Hard 2, and Pathologic 2. Rapture Rejects is now available for pre-order. Pre-ordering the game will get you access to the Private Alpha test phase with playsessions happening every weekend until the game […]

The PC Gaming Show at E3 Liveblog with Bleeding Cool

This year's PC Gaming Show presented by our colleagues at PC Gamer is expected to host reveals from Crytek, Square Enix, and Sega, among others. It is quite possible, given this year's massive lineup, that the PC Gaming Show is actually hosting the Sony overflow since the PlayStation conference is expected to be more intimate than […]

The European Nintendo eShop Gives Punch Club a Release Date

It's been a couple months since we heard anything from TinyBuild Games in regards to Punch Club being released on the Nintendo Switch. But this week some news quietly dropped into the European eShop that end up revealing the release date for the game. Well, at least in Europe, anyway. May 24th is the date that you […]

Streets Of Rogue art

Streets of Rogue Gets a New Update with Tons of Features

TinyBuild Games released a brand-new update this week for Streets of Rogue, which is basically the culmination of several months of work from the one-man show behind the game, Matt Dabrowski. Check out the complete details of the update below, which adds a bunch of new features, mutators, disasters, and NPCs into the mix for you […]

tinybuild garage art

TinyBuild Games Releases Extended Gameplay Trailer for Garage

After having a couple of quiet months, it looks like tinyBuild Games are ramping up their 2018 lineup of games. First, we got a new trailer for Graveyard Keeper, and now we have an extended trailer for another new indie title on the way called Garage. Right now, the description of the game is pretty […]

TinyBuild Brings Six Games To Switch That Have Already Been Released

A bit of a mixed bag of news this morning from tinyBuild Games as the company unveiled six games that it would be bringing to the Nintendo Switch this year. But instead of seeing some hopeful new releases, we got six games that have already been released. The six games that will be coming out […]

'Hello Neighbor' Gets A New Creepy Halloween Trailer

Leave it to tinyBuild Games to take a game that was already heart-pounding and creepy and make it even worse during Halloween. Today the company put out a new Halloween-themed trailer for Hello Neighbor that makes even the weird manikin you see in the home seem that much more frightening. Enjoy! While the game is technically […]

'Party Hard Tycoon' Hits The Dance Floor With New Launch Trailer

TinyBuild Games has released Party Hard Tycoon today, and with it comes a new launch trailer and a little more detail on the title. If you haven't guessed by now, the game allows you to build your own parties while setting them up as fantastic puzzles for people to literally slay on the dancefloor. We […]

Chillin' With The Dead In 'Graveyard Keeper' At PAX West

Ever since Graveyard Keeper was announced by tinyBuild, I have thought of nothing but playing this game! So when the opportunity presented itself at PAX West, I plopped myself down with their crew and took to my morbidly fun duties. If you didn't catch on by the name, this indie title from Lazy Bear Games has […]

Merging Worlds Isn't Always Great: We Review 'Phantom Trigger'

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] At first glance, Phantom Trigger can be deceptively average. It appears like a lot of hack-n-slash games we've seen before, but with a grittier bit-style that we've come to see in a lot of indie titles. But when you see that the game is being published by tinyBuild, you know there has to […]

TinyBuild Announces Its Next Nintendo Switch Title: 'Phantom Trigger'

An exciting little weekend surprise for us: tinyBuild has announced their next official game for the Nintendo Switch. Phantom Trigger, which will also come out on Steam and more platforms to be announced, looks way awesome, as the company is offering the ability to play the Alpha right now! Head over to the game's website, where […]

Trainspotting Live With The Final Station – The Full Review

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] After the game's content expansion DLC, The Only Traitor, tinyBuild's The Final Station is a perfect work in a genre of game that is pretty lacking in representation. How many story-driven shooters have you seen that are built around trains? Few, I'd imagine. And it's not just that a train is the setting for The Final […]

Mr. Shifty Is Absolutely Hotline Miami Meets Nightcrawler – A Review

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] tinyBuild's Mr. Shifty bills itself as being similar to Hotline Miami and it very much is. Several others have called it "Hotline Miami meets X-Men" and that is also accurate. Because you have the ability to punch through doors, walls, and glass as well as teleport around, like a really buff Nightcrawler. Just like in Hotline […]