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Star Trek Actor John de Lancie Reflects Casting, Q’s Return in Picard
"And oh my god, was he right." The actor would reprise the omnipotent character seven more times on TNG and make additional appearances across other Star Trek series in Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and most recently, the animated Lower Decks During First Contact Day, Paramount+ revealed the live-action return of the character to be a[...]
“Star Trek”: William Shatner Says He’s Retired from Captain Kirk
"A man who has always generously shared the highs and lows with us, and who has mastered the art of storytelling." What other figures would you like to see digitized you want to talk to? Speaking of Santa Claus, TNG star Jonathan Frakes was one of several who wished his Generations (1994) co-star a happy[...]
LOS ANGELES - FEB 13: Ronald D. Moore arrives for the ‘Outlander’ Season 5 Premiere on February 13, 2020, in Hollywood, CA (DFree/
It's just waiting there to be told by somebody." With Paramount's Star Trek films currently in limbo, TM asked the Emmy winner, who wrote two of the TNG era films what he'd do if one were greenlit now Surprisingly, it's similar to the perspective Montgomery Scott actor Simon Pegg offered when it came to the[...]
Star Trek: Picard - Brent Spiner Reflect His Time in Franchise, Future
On TNG, Spiner primarily played the beloved android Data, who longed to have human experiences despite not having emotions as an artificial lifeform The series explored several different aspects of his own ethics and how the galaxy around would perceive his very existence Lore tapped into similar aspects but touched with cynicism and malice, becoming[...]
Star Trek vs Wars Patrick Stewart, Mark Hamill “Clash” on Uber Eats
Star Trek: Picard and TNG are available to stream on CBS All Access. Uber Eats paired two of the biggest geek icons of Star Trek and Star Wars in Sir Patrick Stewart and Mark Hamill, respectively in a series of ads The two spoke with Men's Journal to reflect on the time they led their[...]
LOS ANGELES - JUN 3: Wil Wheaton at the "Changeland" Los Angeles Premiere at the ArcLight Hollywood on June 3, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA (Image: Kathy Hutchins /
It is a wonderful moment to be a Star Trek fan." LOS ANGELES – JUN 3: Wil Wheaton at the "Changeland" Los Angeles Premiere at the ArcLight Hollywood on June 3, 2019 in Los Angeles, CA (Image: Kathy Hutchins / When it comes to what Wheaton likes now, the actor's partial to the animated Lower Decks[...]
Star Trek: The Next Generation (Image: ViacomCBS)
Absent were messages from his TNG family Rick Berman, one of the biggest creative forces of the franchise during its run in syndication and the TNG films from Paramount posted a tweet with the majority of the series' cast. Star Trek: The Next Generation (Image: ViacomCBS) One Happy Star Trek Family The executive producer largely took over the[...]
Star Trek: Picard – Gates MacFadden Says “Good Chance” She Appears
She started talking about how her character changed throughout TNG "The character [had] become matron-like, and it was just weird," McFadden said "I was no longer really the love interest of Picard (Patrick Stewart) and that was one of the primary things—I was hired by Gene [Roddenberry] himself as the love interest of Picard[...]
Countdown to “Star Trek: Picard” – Re-examining “I, Borg” and “Unification”
We look at the introduction of one of the franchise's most memorable characters Hugh, played by Jonathan Del Arco – and also take a look at Spock's (Leonard Nimoy) post-Federation purpose in life in "Unification". CBS "Star Trek: The Next Generation" – "I, Borg" "I, Borg" took place late in TNG's fifth season exchanging roles of the Enterprise and[...]
What's In The Box?!: Star Trek Mission Crate – April 2018
This box started off pretty strong as we have a design of the TNG Enterprise from the top with green Borg technology and wiring underneath it The design of this is pretty badass as it's a detailed but simplified two-color print that shows one of the most recognizable images in all of Star Trek along[...]
Exploring 'Star Trek: TNG' Through The Eyes Of An 11-Year-Old
Which is what makes the book we're reviewing today a little special, as we explore A Field Guide To The Aliens Of Star Trek: The Next Generation. credit//Devastator Press The book itself is marketed as "an unauthorized parody" where it is said to be written back in the early '90s by a boy named Joshua Chapman, who[...]