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Forza 6 Details Leak Ahead Of E3
It's the week before E3 and which means it could get a little leak crazy. As is always the case, a ton of surprises always fall before they are officially
Microsoft Are Being Coy About Clarkson's Involvement In Forza 6
That was no surprise, due to the weeks long speculation, but it does leave an interesting question concerning video games. Will Clarkson be in the upcoming Forza 6? The presenter, along with Richard Hammond and James May, have been staples of the Forza franchise for a while now, but that dynamic has almost certainly changed now. When[...]
Forza Motorsport 6 Announced – New Ford GT Is On The Cover
That's why it should surprise no one Forza Motorsport 6 has been announced during the North American International Auto Show. On top of that, it was also reveal that the title would feature the new Ford GT on the box. Microsoft, Turn 10 Studios and Ford announced a partnership on the Xbox One game, bringing not just the Ford[...]