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Vault Announces Beyond Real #1 Received Over 100,000 Orders
First, they gave us an unnatural order for Unnatural Order #1 from writer Chris Yost and artist Val Rodrigues that exceeded 137,000 copies Now Vault Comics has an order for Beyond Real #1 from Zack Kaplan, Fabiana Mascolo, Toni Fejzula, Vincenzo Riccardi, Dennis Menheere, Jorge Corona, Luana Vecchio, and Liana Kangas that is beyond real[...]
Vault Comics
No launches from Vault Comics for November 2023, but we do get a preview of Unnatural Order #4, alongside Lore, Something Crawled Out and Beyond Real. UNNATURAL ORDER #4 (W) YOST (A) RODRIGUES (C) KELLY (L) ANDWORLD 40 PGS FULL COLOR $4.99 Unnatural Order's first arc races to its conclusion as three factions face off to change the world…[...]
Vault Comics Makes Unnatural Order #1 Free For Comic Book Shops
Vault Comics is making the first issue of their new series Unnatural Order #1 by Christopher Yost and Val Rodrigues, free to comic book retailers Intended to be one of their biggest comic launches of the year, but Vault Comics won't be making any money from it Originally planned for July, it didn't ship Vault[...]
Unnatural Order to Debut From Vault Comics at San Diego Comic-Con
Vault Comics made its debut at San Diogo Comic-Con in 2016 and now returns for the first time since 2019 with programming and signings, exclusives and debuts, including the early release of Unnatural Order, the new series from Christopher Yost and Val Rodrigues. THURSDAY: Vault Comics Presents: Stranger Than (Science) Fiction- Outer Worlds and Other Voices in[...]
As mentioned on Bleeding Cool yesterday, Vault Comics is leading its August 2023 solicits and solicitations with the Barbaric: Wrong Kind Of Righteous with guest-co-writer Nicholas Eames, alongside the latest Money Shot, Unnatural Order, Door To Door Night By Night, End To End, Godfell and The Nasty. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: center; width: 100%; } #gallery-1[...]
We told you this was coming from Vault back in February, "Zero Dark Thirty meets The Lord of the Rings",  Chris Yost and Val Rodrigues launch their new Vault Comics series Unnatural Order in July Take a look below as well as at the rest of the Vault Comics' July 2023 solicits and solicitations for[...]
ComcisPRO: Vault: Unnatural Order by Christopher Yost & Val Rodriguez
At ComicsPRO today, Vault Comics announced a new series for later this year, Unnatural Order from Christopher Yost and Val Rodrigues Described as "Zero Dark Thirty meets The Lord of the Rings" it tells the story of "a Roman soldier and a witch who lead a motley crew of heroes against a common enemy, the[...]