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Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Set To Launch This March
Velan Studios and Mattel have officially released Hot Wheels: Rift Rally this week, giving you a brand-new racing experience in your home A mix of RC car tech and mixed reality brings the racing to your home either via the App Store on one PlayStation, as you race one-of-a-kind cars equipped with cameras around the[...]
Hot Wheels: Rift Rally Set To Launch This March
Velan Studios and Mattel have come together for a new racing title, as Hot Wheels: Rift Rally will be getting released for mobile and consoles next month This is a brand new mixed-reality racing experience that will take a lot of your favorite cars and designs and give them a different race setting as you'll[...]
Knockout City Announces Server Shutdown This June
Yesterday, Velan Studios, the current publisher of Knockout City, announced that they would be sunsetting the game, with the end happening in June After weeks of rumors about whether or not the game would continue in 2023, the word came down in a special video announcement from the game's director, Jeremy Russo, which you can[...]
Knockout City's Season 6: City Of Tomorrow Is Available Today
Developer Velan Studios went all out for this one as there are a lot of additions that basically change the game in different ways But you shouldn't expect anything less from a season that is basically predicting how the future will look in this weird universe We have the full rundown below along with a[...]
Knockout City Announces 10-Day Free Trial Block Party
Electronic Arts and Velan Studios will be throwing a special Block Party event in Knockout City at launch, offering a 10-Day Free Trial Each day will have something new to offer, totally free for everyone to try, giving you a good idea of everything you can do and what will be available in the game[...]
Knockout City Releases New Audio Developer Diary And Blog
Velan Studios, an independent video game developer based in Upstate New York, is bringing "Thwack!" back! The classic sound of a dodgeball beaning someone hard is making an appearance in their upcoming "dodgebrawl" game, Knockout City Or is that "making an emergence"? It's a sound and not a visual, after all. Key art for Velan Studios' upcoming[...]