The Past Returns To Haunt Oliver Queen In More Ways Than One

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Things go from bad to very much worse for Oliver Queen as China White, Carrie Cutter and Liz Warner escape from prison and come back to Star City in search of Tobias Church's money stash. But that's only part of what Oliver has to deal with as the SCPD discover that Billy Malone was killed by Green Arrow and Susan Williams discovers Oliver's secret. So… not a good day for the Mayor.

The title, Sin-Eater, refers to an old tradition that when someone died, they would be covered in fruits to soak up their sins, then the village's sin-eater would come out and eat the fruit, absolving the lost spirit of their sins and allowing them to go on to the afterlife. A post-mortum version of confession. Anatoly Knyazev calls Oliver a sin-eater when he offers to give himself up to Gregor if he allows Anatoly to live. Oliver confronts Gregor and the Bratva, but the leader of the Russian brotherhood gets the drop on Anatoly… that's pretty much the flashbacks for the week.

In real time, Susan asks Oliver if he's the Green Arrow, and he denies it and thinks it is handled. Thea Queen doesn't think so and goes to Felicity Smoak, asking her to hack into Susan's computer. Thea plants a bunch of stuff on the computer and then notifies Susan's boss. The report gets fired for plagiarizing a bunch of stories, leaving Susan discredited. She comes to Oliver at the end, accusing him of doing it. Telling him that she had the photo of him with the Bratva, knew about his tattoo saying he was a captain and about the archer in Russia at the same time. He assures her that he didn't do it, but she leaves just the same. Oliver discovers it was Speedy who did it and has a talk with her. He points out that what she did is exactly the type of thing that their mother Moira would've done. Destroying someone else's life to protect family. This is what the executive producers were talking about when they said Thea was in a similar place as her mother just before she died.

Oliver tries talking to Lt. Pike, asking him to stand down but the evidence is too strong. The autopsy report sent form Opal City, where Prometheus' mother lives, makes Green Arrow a person of interest. It isn't until later that he goes back to Pike and tells him most of the truth… that Prometheus set Green Arrow up and that Adrian Chase covered it up to prevent the city going nuts. We don't find out until later how Pike responds.

And then we have the main story of the three women breaking out of prison and kicking ass as they try and track down the funds. There is much there for Cupid and China White, but Liz Warner accuses Quentin Lance of hypocrisy. That he convinced her to give up and do the right thing. Then when she was in jail she finds out that he worked with Damien Darhk. He gets back out in the field, with a gun, to help take down the escapees. This was a good Lance episode in that he got back into the mix of things, he got to receive and give good advice and the issue of Dinah Drake becoming Black Canary came up and was handled. Lance doesn't have a problem with it as long as she does Laurel proud. He as much as told Dinah that, giving her permission.

When the police arrive, they take White, Cutter and Warner into custody but not Team Arrow. Pike has decided to trust Green Arrow because the mayor vouched for him. You'd think that would be a happy ending… except word that the Mayor's office covered up Green Arrow's involvement in the death of Detective Malone has leaked to the media and Oliver's time in office may be at an end.

A lot of things came up and were dealt with one way or another in this episode. This was more of an Oliver-Thea-Quentin episode with touches of Dinah so other characters like Diggle, Felicity, Renee and Curtis moved to the back. Except Mr. Terrific debuted his new costume and it looks straight out of the comics. Now if he just gets his T-Spheres up and running it will be perfect.

Next week there is an impeachment hearing and the Vigilante goes after Oliver Queen for corruption… which seems kind of weird since in the comics Adrian Chase is the Vigilante and he's the one who actually decided to cover up Green Arrow's involvement. Are we to take it that Chase isn't the Vigilante? Or is this some kind of weird plan to help Oliver by making everyone think he's gong to die?

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