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Sony Is Still Giving The PS Vita Updates For Some Reason
Sony made it very clear that the PS Vita was dead to them this year by ending production back in March But oddly, they're still updating it Usually, when a company is done with a product, they cease all operations Not just in building them, but also with updates However, that's not the case with[...]
The PS Vita Has Officially Ended Production in Japan
Covering a bit of news we already knew was coming, Sony has officially ended its production of the PS Vita in Japan The word that the Vita was on the road to being discontinued came out back in September when Sony declared they weren't moving forward with the handheld console anymore and were eventually going to[...]
PlayStation Plus Will Stop Making PS3 and Vita Games for Free in March
The message below was sent out to all emails registered with a PS+ account, basically saying that they would no longer release PS3 or Vita titles as part of the free games system every month, and that PS4 titles would only be on the menu starting in March Basically meaning those two consoles would no[...]
Sony to Halt Production on the PS Vita in Japan Next Year
credit//Sony At the Tokyo Game Show this year, Sony announced that it will be halting production on the PS Vita handheld console in Japan over the next year Currently, Japan is the only market that is confirmed as ending production, though it is likely other production lines will shut down as well Especially considering Sony's American[...]
Sony Ending Physical Production of PS Vita Game Cards
The PS Vita may be looking at death's door int he next year or so, as Sony has started to shut down production of something vital to the portable unit's success: physical game cards It's not really talked about among diehard fans of the system, especially those who love the ability to play their games[...]
Chasm art
Today on the PlayStation Blog, word came down the Chasm will finally be making its way to the PS4, along with the Vita and PC Some of you may recall the game started as a Kickstarter project back in 2013, and at one point was a demo title for the PS4 before release in 2014[...]
'Rainbow Skies' Finally Gets A Release For All PlayStation Consoles
Today, we finally got a trailer for the game revealing it will be released on PS3, PS4, and Vita, but still no official date for it to come out The footage makes the game look like it's ready to go, including a Collector's Edition where you get items like a complete soundtrack, a game manual,[...]
Super Meat Boy Is Hitting PS4 And Vita With A New Soundtrack
The work of composer Danny Baranowsky is a part of that game's DNA in a way that isn't always the case in titles. Unfortunately though, Team Meat are going to be replacing his work for the upcoming PS4 and PS Vita releases of the Super Meat Boy. Ridiculon, David Scatliffe and Laura Shigihara will now be taking over, it was[...]
XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS VITA Port Outted By The ESRB
I feel like I've been hearing about an XCOM: Enemy Unknown PS VITA port for a while now It makes a lot of sense too The game is already on iOS, so getting it on VITA doesn't seem like that big of a step Having that game on the go sounds could be a powerful[...]
Volume Delayed On PS Vita For 'A Couple Of Weeks'
I really think you should give it a go in anyway you can. If you are one of those precious PS VITA players who was expecting to bring your stealth game on the go with you at the same time as console and PC players, I have some bad news for you though. Developer Mike Bithell called[...]
Crypt Of The NecroDancer Coming To PlayStation 4 And Vita
It was announced on the PlayStation blog that the title will come to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, although a date wasn't given. These versions of the game will feature an exclusive new soundtrack mix by Jake "Virt" Kaufman, composer of Shovel Knight. As I said, I adore this game If you give it a shot, I'm[...]
Ethan Meteor Hunter: Being A Rat Has Its Upside And Downside
By Etienne Dubuc Gaming on the go is always a pleasure, so it's nice to see titles get a port on Vita, 3DS or even smartphones Seaven, a French indie studio, just did that with its first title, Ethan Meteor Hunter The PS3, PC game was released on Vita last week This was my chance[...]