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An Honest Trailer For St. Patrick's Day

Since today is the day of Irish cliches, the folks at Screen Junkies decided to do up an Honest Trailer for that classic St. Patrick's Day film… Leprechaun. Yes, the 1993 horror film that starred Warwick Davis and Jennifer Aniston. And shockingly, this franchise has cranked out seven films in all that includes two trips […]

Ricky Gervais Taking A Trip In The Tardis, Directing Darth Vader And C-3PO

Q: Want to know how often I read Ricky Gervais' blog? A: Here's a story built around something he published a week ago. Really, the pictures are worth a thousand words each, even though about 2954 of those words would be "Ha": The explanation tells us that Gervais "has filmed a little something for sci-fi […]

Teaser Trailer For Ricky Gervais And Stephen Merchant's Life's Too Short

In this teaser clip, you'll see Ricky Gervais pitch Life's Too Short as "sort like a cross between The Office and Extras, really." Out of ideas so soon? The show will star Warwick Davies, of Ewok and Willow repute, and there are roles for Gervais and Stephen Merchant also. The big joke in this teaser, […]