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Assassin’s Creed Universe: New Stories Across New Forms of Media
Ubisoft announced today that they would be expanding the Assassin's Creed Universe to all new forms of media, previously unexplored by the franchise, such as novels, graphic novels, manhuas, webtoons, and podcasts  Fans of the game series can now see their favorite world explored in different mediums, giving new creative minds the chance to expand Assassin's[...]
Justin Jordan's Urban Animal Comic Read By 100,000 A Week on WebToons
And then there's the really big readership, which is webcomics generally, and Webtoons specifically, which are staggeringly large How large? Well, Urban Animal, the series I do there with John Amor and Micah Myers, has, as I write this, 465,000 subscribers That's not an error or an extra zero or two We're at close to half[...]
Happy Boy: Korean Digital Comic Gets All-Star Movie Adaptation
Lezhin Studios is a film production company acquired by Lezhin Entertainment in 2018, to highlight South Korean webtoons and widen its user base. Kim Sung Nyung, the creator of Happy Boy, said, "I'm looking forward to seeing how the movie depicts the change people go through when placed in extreme situations and the themes of preserving[...]
Big See: Popular WEBTOON Comic Gets a Digital TV Adaptation
One of Lezhin Comics' most popular webtoons, Big See, is set for a digital drama adaptation by Kakao M The series will be a combination of live-action and animated segments. Big See, Lezhin Studios Webtoons, the South Korean-led digital comics format that's driven by a vertical scrolling dynamic on smartphones and mobile devices, are probably the most[...]
The Resistance Reborn: AWA’s Upshot Studios Announces Spinoff Series
Smith (Archangel 8). Panel from The Resistance: Reborns, AWA Studios/UPSHOT "The great thing about having the privilege of writing The Resistance," Straczynski said,"Is that I get to go way deep into the characters, the history of all this, the politics, how the powers work…and for a world-builder, there's not much better than that.  (Except chocolate.)  So, when[...]
But I am not sure what my schedule will look like, so I made a promise to myself not to take on any more freelance work for a year at least. ANDERSON ELYSÉE: Man, congrats on the upcoming project! Webtoons is something I've been seeing a lot about Many have gotten involved in it and yet[...]
Avengers: Electric Rain – An Original Korean Marvel Comic By Younghoon Ko, With A Brand New Avenger
[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XtrdxaZ_SSo[/youtube] Younghoon Ko is the Korean artist on Avengers: Electric Rain, an original Korean webtoon comic set in Korea with a brand new character. Webtoons are manhwa-style webcomics seriealised on Korean websites, with Daum a popular publisher With Marvel, and Disney Jorea, Daum have now been able to publish their own Marvel title. Hear CB Cebelski, Axel Alonso Tom Brevoort, Ellie[...]