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Latest Marvel "No Compromise, No Mercy" Teaser Features Winter Soldier
No Mercy." And no, that's not Ike Perlmutter's policy on paper clips. Instead, it's a new series spinning out of War of the Realms, and starring Blade, Spectrum, Wiccan, Angela, Daimon Hellstrom, and now, Winter Soldier. As to what this series will be all about, it's up in the air We can guess at a somewhat dark[...]
Sebastian Stan Talks Disney+ 'Falcon & Winter Soldier', 'Avengers: Endgame'
It was nice to see him get fat." Disney+ series "Falcon & Winter Soldier" first look And about Disney+'s upcoming live-action Marvel Studios show Falcon & Winter Solider, Stan revealed a few things Like what he thinks we may see Bucky get up to (dating!) and when production is set to start. "I think it's time for Bucky to[...]
'Avengers: Endgame' [Probably] Allows the Disney+ Marvel Shows to Happen
WARNING. Time travel is a HUGE part of the Endgame, and possibly/probably sets in motion the things that will lead to the upcoming Disney+ Marvel series. To recap- we're getting a series about Loki (starring Tom Hiddleston), a series about Winter Soldier and Falcon (starring Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie), WandaVision (starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany), an animated "What If" series (first episode/installment focusing[...]
Has Bucky Barnes Turned to the Dark Side? Next Week's Winter Soldier #5
In the previous issue of Winter Soldier, Bucky Barnes confronted the deadbeat father of RJ after learning that RJ may have been working with Hydra to bring his son back under their control RJ, a petty criminal, tried to throw a punch, and he ended up slipping and breaking his neck Obviously, this isn't going[...]
Comics' First Functional Father/Son Relationship in Winter Soldier #4
Are there no good dads in the fictional universes of comic books? Well, how about this guy, the father of RJ, the confused young man taken in by the Winter Soldier after being brainwashed to become a trained killer? Sure, he's a career criminal who just got out of prison But at least he seems to truly[...]
Psychoanalyzing a Killer in Next Week's Winter Soldier #3
Looking for something to do after finishing up the Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix? Next week's Winter Soldier #3 has all your murderous psychological needs covered as Doc Samson pays a visit to give counseling to RJ, the Hydra killing machine rescued by Bucky and trying to figure out his identity. Can Samson help RJ figure out[...]
Winter Soldier #1 Review: Bucky's Got a Brand New (Boring) Bag
SUMMARY: Writer: Kyle Higgins, Artist: Rod Reis, Letterer: VC's Clayton Cowles,Associate Editor: Alanna Smith, Editor Tom Brevoort, Varant Covers: Bill Sienkiewicz; Butch Guice & Frank D'Armata, Publisher: Marvel Comics, Release Date: Out Now, Price: $3.99. This new Winter Soldier mini (by my count the sixth WS series in the last 7 years) seems focused on setting[...]
When Bucky Barnes Punches a Chicago Cop in Next Week's Winter Soldier #1
The Winter Soldier's new series, which kicks off next week, opens up with a bang as the titular soldier assaults a Chicago police officer. You're probably wondering how we got to this point Well, there's actually a pretty good reason, as this preview of next week's Winter Soldier #1 reveals It turns out those cops are[...]
BC Figure History Thursday: Winter Soldier!
This week's first subject: Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier! Re-introduced as the Winter Soldier in 2005 by Ed Brubaker, Bucky Barnes was the sidekick of Captain America for many years, before seemingly dying Brubaker imagined he survived his brush with death, after being found by the Russians and turned into a Soviet assassin After facing[...]
A Falcon, Winter Soldier Limited Series in Development
The outlet has revealed that a series is in development about Marvel Cinematic Universe heroes Winter Soldier and Falcon.  Malcolm Spellman who previously worked on Empire, is set to write. The limited series is expected to be six to eight episodes with a larger TV budget than the Netflix, ABC, or Hulu projects. There isn't any confirmation that stars[...]
Bucky Barnes Infinity War Hot Toys 2
Bucky Barnes, formally the Winter Soldier, then the White Wolf, and now a pile of ash in the wind, is the latest figure form Avengers: Infinity War to be released by Hot Toys Featuring a tailored outfit, two left arms (metal or turning to ash), interchangeable hands, a machine gun, a dagger, and a figure[...]
A New Winter Soldier Comic Launches in December by Kyle Higgins and Rod Reis
The press release continues: And now that the man known as The Winter Soldier has found redemption, he's going to help others do the same…even if it's not as easy as he expects This December, the acclaimed creative team of Kyle Higgins (Power Rangers, C.O.W.L.) and Rod Reis (Secret Empire, Doctor Strange: Damnation, C.O.W.L.) will reunite to[...]