That Missing First Scene From Avengers: Age Of Ultron

Many people will be seeing Avengers: Age Of Ultron tonight. But how many will notice that there is a missing scene? Not as many. But Bleeding Cool reporters have managed to put it together from fragments found in a back of an abandoned Exposition Cadillac in Hell's Kitchen. Here, never seen before (or indeed subsequently) is that final scene, that may help put the movie back into continuity…

EXT: The cold winter forest of Serkovia. Iron Man, the Black Widow, Thor and Captain Ameria cuddle for warmth while Hulk and Hawkeye play fetch with his arrows.

TONY: Natasha, good to see you looking so well, that Senate subcommittee looked rough.

NATASHA: I wore my catsuit on the second day.

TONY: Yeah, I did the same with the Iron Man suit. Funny how red tape goes away when you do that.

NATASHA: What were you there for?

TONY: Didn't you see? I swore off Iron Man and blew up all my suits, to spend all my time with Pepper.

NATASHA: Where is she?

TONY: I'll mention her at some point in the movie.

THOR: As I will, Jane.

NATASHA: Yes, Thor, what happened with that? You seemed all loved up.

THOR: I just needed to get out of the mansion. And good to see you back in the fray, O Captain, my Captain. By the way, Sif said to say that Phil…

STEVE: "O Captain, my Captain"? Was that another reference to something?

THOR: Get thyself Netflix.

STEVE: More Asgardian gibberish.

THOR: And what of thy quest to seek the Winter Soldier?

STEVE: I outsourced it.

TONY: The American Way.

NATASHA: So Tony, how come you are back in the suit and have all those drone Iron Men again anyway?

TONY: Okay, so what I did was stupid. It was a heat of the moment thing, over a woman, let's face it, it's not the most idiotic thing I've done in that regard. I remember when I was nineteen, I burnt all my pornography to convince Sylvia I was serious. Of course, I kept an emergency stash buried in the nearby woods for when she caught me with the Houston twins. So I did the same with my Iron Man suits. In the exact same place I hid my pornography.

NATASHA: How sentimental. And they happened to be the same wood where we are about to fight Hydra?

TONY Let's face it, it's not going to be the biggest coincidence in this film. Okay everyone, Avengers A…

And cue the rest of the movie.



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