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Wizard Gives $100 Credit Back To Ex-Subscribers
It's a story that Bleeding Cool first covered last year, when Wizard Magazine went to free digital – what about the subscribers, a number of whom had put down $100 or more in advance. When initially challenged, Wizard told Bleeding Cool that people would be getting other magazines instead. Then that didn't happen either. Reports from within the[...]
Gareb Shamus Resigns As Wizard World President, CEO And Director
Did you wonder why Gareb Shamus' Wizard World blog, set up ostensibly to replace the Wizard World digital magazine, recently disappeared? This might be a reason. Pursuant to a letter of resignation dated December 1, 2011 (the "Resignation Letter"), Mr Gareb Shamus resigned his positions as President, Chief Executive Officer and Director of the Company Mr[...]
Wizard World Pulls Back In 2012
A PR piece purporting to announce a location change of Wizard World Toronto Comic Con to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre for April 14th to 15th also managed to disguise a number of other changes to the 2012 Wizard World Schedule. This is how it stood a couple of weeks ago November 11-13 – Austin Comic[...]
Bill Jemas Gets Into Bed With Wizard
Last seen retranslating the Bible and painting peace symbols onto the bodies of naked women, Bill Jemas used to be the President of Marvel Comics. He formed the Ultimate imprint, co-wrote Origins and in many ways helped bring Marvel back from the brink of bankruptcy, though he developed a reputation of micromanaging and enforcing tangential ideas[...]
The Wizard Subscriptions That Vanished
I've been trying to get an answer on this from Wizard for months now But Wizard people don't pick up the phone any more, they won't respond to phone messages left and they won't respond to e-mails. When Wizard announced they were closing their Wizard and Toyfare print magazine for a free digital model, many subscribers[...]
Wizard World Drops Out Of Canada Comic Con
But there isn't an actual Wizard World to go to, and they've been taking down pages that are only available in the Google cache. In November, Gareb Shamus announced he'd bought the Central Canada Comic Con, renaming it Wizard World Central Canada Comic Con, planned for the last long weekend in October in Winnipeg. Manager of the[...]
Mike Searle To Be New Editor Of Wizard World Digital
Today we learnt of Mike Cotton's departure at the main editor from Wizard World Digital I now understand that he is to be replaced by former editor of discontinued inhouse magazine InQuest Gamer, Mike Searle. Focussed on collectible card games, then on gaming as a whole, InQuest then InQuest Gamer was published by Wizard from 1995[...]
Mike Cotton Resigns From Wizard
Mike Cotton, Co-Chief Pop Culture Editor of Wizard World, but better known as Editor-In-Chief of the now extinct Wizard Magazine, has resigned from the company after eleven years service Working out his notice, his last day was Friday. An hour ago he tweeted; After 11 years and roughly 11,00 beers, I've left Wizard to pursue new opportunities[...]
WizardWorld Digital 1.1 – For Free, Here
Here we go folks, the first free issue of WizardWorld Digital in embedded PDF format below Oh and it's Toyfare as well, really, the two magazines kindof merged together Lots and lots and lots and lots of plugs for Wizard World, Geek Chic, and even an extract from Peter Guber's motivational business book that mentions[...]
Early Wizard Editor Rob Samsel Dies
Samsel ran comic shops such as Fantasy Comics and Fantastic Cards and Comics in Connecticut in recent years, but he is perhaps best known for being one of Wizard Magazine's earliest writers and editors. Rob was someone I got to know relatively well while freelancing for Wizard and he was a brash, funny guy who was[...]
The Great Wizard And Toyfare Subscription Scandal Of 2011
Bleeding Cool broke the news that Wizard was cancelled last month, and the final issue shipped the other week It came as a suprise to staff members and readers alike. It came as an even bigger surprise to those who had just subscribed to the magazines And wondered where their subscription dollars would go I was[...]
A View From Mark Allen Haverty, Wizard's Ex-Price Guide Writer
The second time around, it was offered to me on a freelance basis; for them, they would not need to pay me benefits as such, and for me, it made more sense financially since the move to New York would have cost far more than the benefits that Wizard could have delivered I also had[...]
Wizard World Inc. Goes Public
A busy day of Wizard news today As per pr, Wizard World Inc is going public, will continue producing pop culture conventions, and launch a digital magazine: New York, NY (January 24, 2011) – Gareb Shamus, recently appointed President and CEO of public company Wizard World, Inc ("Wizard World") (OTC: GOEE.PK), today announced that the[...]
SCOOP: Wizard Magazine & Toyfare To Close Immediately (UPDATE)
Now this is an end of an era. I am receiving multiple confirmations from across the industry, through none yet from Wizard's higher ups and PR people yet, that Wizard: The Guide To Comics, the magazine that covered the mainstream comics industry for twenty years and created all manner of careers in the process has closed,[...]
Wizard World Lets Go Two
"They call him Spat" As Wizard are gearing up their comic convention coverage, it seems odd that they're letting go two of their bigger names, Jeff Serling and Spat Oktan. Jeff was one of the organisers of the Motor City Comic Con before he did a number of jobs for Wizard World, sub contracting to manage the[...]
Yes, It's Official, Wizard World IS Buying Mid Ohio Con
It's hardly a secret now. But later today Wizard World will confirm that, yes, as of next year Mid Ohio Con will join the Wizard World Comic Con lineup, making a total of 16 comic conventions (17 if you count two Big Apples a year) across the US and Canada. Next year's Wizard World Mid Ohio Comic[...]
Wizard World Buy Mid Ohio Con
This may well be Wizard World's most prominent purchase of a comic convention since Chicgo While they have spent the year announcing a number of comic conventions across the US and Canada that they have added to their Wizard World collection of shows, Mid Ohio Con is a relatively large local comic convention with an[...]
Square 1 Press Barred From WizardWorld Philadelphia?
Steven Hoveke used to be the Operations Manager of Wizard Entertainment in 2007 He currently runs small publisher Square 1 Press who have published a Walt Simonson Convention Sketchbook and were debuting a Howard Chaykin Convention Sketchbook this weekend at the WizardWorld Philadelphia convention Which they did on Friday, with Howard due to sign copies[...]
What's Up With Wizard – Recent Rumblings In The Guide To Comics…
I understand that on Sunday night, Wizard management called Scott Klein, company controller, to let him go I understand they also let Darren Sanchez, VP of Production and Circulation, go in a similar fashion This is part of a long series of redundancies at the publisher, that has led to fewer people doing the same[...]