Why Nancy Benoit Deserves To Be In The WWE Hall Of Fame [OPINION]

It was a role Nancy Benoit excelled at.[caption id="attachment_1185166" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Vice[/caption] A Case for Nancy Benoit in the WWE Hall of Fame Born Nancy Toffoloni, she became best known for her two personas Fallen Angel and later, Woman Her career was also largely defined by her two spouses Kevin Sullivan and Chris Benoit[...]

The Final Thirteen Appearances Of The Strange Woman Of The DC Universe

"I'm gonna find that bitch". Not the words of some serial killer, or a gangsta rapper, but my lovely wife, poring through today's comic books from DC, helping me look for appearances of Strange, the mysterious hooded women appearing in all the new 52 comics first issues. First identified by Bleeding Cool, we've been following […]

Twelve More Appearances Of The New 52 Strange Woman In This Week's DC Comics

Another week, another look at all the appearances of Strange as we're calling her, the hooded purple woman with the face marks and the claws.. comics courtesy of Orbital Comics of London - who have a Rebekah Isaacs signing this Saturday, a new exhibition of cartoonist self portraits and a podcast on this week's new[...]

Action Comics #1 To Go On Sale In The UK Fifteen Hours Before USA

This week a number of DC stores had a midnight opening to sell Justice League #1 and Flashpoint #5. The UK missed out as stores only got their comics on the day of sale, because of the Bank Holiday on Monday. So they are doing it next week instead. UK retailers will be allowed to […]

New Trailer For Lucky McKee's The Woman Will Chew You Up

May is still one of the best, and most affecting horror films of the last ten years, and while director Lucky McKee has yet to release anything with quite the same impact, it's looking like his next picture The Woman may well manage to surpass it.Here's the first trailer which, considering the protestations of some[...]