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Roberto Orci Left Spider-Man For… The Power Rangers?

Along with Orci somes two writers from X-Men: First Class, Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz.Miller and Stentz began working together on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Fringe and Andromeda before getting to work on Marvel's Thor in 2011 They co-wrote X-Men: First Class with Matthew Vaughn and Jane Goldman.Orci continues to take new assignments after[...]

Grace Randolph's Between The Pages: A Little Mystique

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCVaYADzt0U[/youtube] Think About The Ink presents: Jennifer Lawrence and Rebecca Romijn have both played Mystique, and one or both will star in X-Men Days of Future Past 2014. Rebecca Romijn originated the role in X-Men, X2 and X-Men The Last Stand, but Jennifer Lawrence made the role her own in X-Men First Class. From the […]

X-Men Sequel Headed Towards Days Of Future Past?

Director Matthew Vaughn has expressed an interest in opening his X-Men: First Class sequel with the Kennedy assassination, but now the plot thickens as new evidence suggests the film will follow a story arc from the comic books which concerned another assassination: that of Senator Robert Kelly.Ain't It Cool News reported today that 20th Century[...]

An Extra Life On… Captain America And X-Men First Class

What's that, he writes comics? Cool, anything I might've heard of?--------As a little added bonus for you, I'm going to write about X-Men: First Class, since there's not really a whole column's worth to write home about Not that I actually write home about it No, my Dad thinks I have a proper job in[...]

Saturday Trending Topics: Conspiracies And Secrets

I mean it’s obvious isn’t it? Get with the program. Who Really Wrote X-Men: First Class? When you go and see X-Men: First Class (and do go and see X-Men: First Class, it’s superb) you’ll see a whole raft of writing credits in the opening titles There’s been some real controversy about some of these names, and[...]

Friday Trending Topics: X-Men First Class Beats Thor's Midnight Opening

Looking at the floor plan for the new comic book positioning, I’m told; A Few Extra Preview Pages For Daredevil #1 Well Bleeding Cool has that last page in colour, and a couple more to boot… Swipe File: Black Cat And The Birthday Card On the left, the cover to Harvey Comics classic, Black Cat #1. Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today Who[...]

Monday Trending Topics: Watch The Skies

In day 2 of the X-Men: First Class skywriting campaign, the logos spread from LA to other parts of California You have to wonder if they'll start appearing above cities around the rest of the country as the week progresses towards the June 3 US opening day That would be pretty cool, even though[...]

Californians, Look Up In The Sky: The X-Men Logo Skywriting Campaign Is Spreading

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool told you about an interesting X-Men First Class marketing campaign that involved skywriting the X-Men circle-X logo over the skies of Los Angeles. Right now, the campaign appears to be spreading to other areas. Reports have the logos spotted in Newport Beach and San Diego so far. Where will they appear next? […]

X-Men Logos In The Sky Above Los Angeles [Updated With Video]

 But it would appear that there is a rather unusual and ambitious marketing campaign for X-Men: First Class in progress right now in the sky above Los Angeles:[blackbirdpie url="http://twitter.com/#!/caseymckinnon/status/75003095167414272"]photo by Michael Newmanphoto by Cherie Monizphoto by Seth Greenphoto by Robert Venditti[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQtRXAtjRnc[/youtube][...]

Friday Trending Topics: An Atom Age Fantastic Four Reboot? Let The Campaign Begin Here

This is the Princess Merida, as voiced by Kelly MacDonald. Most-Clicked TV/Film Stories Today: X-Men: First Class, Second Review The Cold War seems to be pretty hot right now There are excited mutterings around Hollywood of an Atom Age Fantastic Four reboot Meanwhile Call Of Duty:Black Ops is introducing that period to the videogame audience better than a[...]

Tuesday Trending Topics: Matthew Vaughn Takes Names

He seems to be done with the Kick Ass part of the equation, according to what he told Brendon earller. He said lots of other things too, about X-Men First Class, his super spy project with Mark Millar, and more. Speaking of, it was a big X-Men First class day on BC, with more coming […]

Matthew Vaughn On His Mark Millar/Dave Gibbons Super Spy Project

Is it possible that Vaughn might take the movie off in a different direction, with a different mood and dramatic bent to what we'll be seeing on the page?I was speaking to Vaughn on the occasion of X-Men: First Class being completed The film is in UK cinemas from 1st July, and across the US from[...]

Why The Kick-Ass 2 Movie Probably Won't Ever Happen

Later on, we'll get to some in depth discussion of X-Men: First Class, with both Vaughn and screenwriter Jane Goldman, but before then, let's take care of Any Other Business.Speaking to Vaughn on Sunday, the subject of Kick-Ass, and its potential sequel, was pretty much guaranteed to come up I've seen a lot of crowing[...]

Sunday Trending Topics: X-Men First Class And Getting It

The rest of us six billion are all heathens… Most-Read TV/Film Stories Today: I’ve Seen X-Men: First Class And Want To Tell You About It While the big press screenings for X-Men: First Class are yet to take place, I am lucky enough to have seen it already Embargoes being what they are, I can’t exactly review the[...]

Wednesday Trending Topics: An X-Men First Class Exclusive, An Avengers Filming Mystery

The BC was dominated by film and tv today, what with Rich on television (again!) and an X-Men First Class trailer exclusive and Brendon unearthing a bunch of other film stories, as usual.  Also, there's Greg Capullo Batman. Tomorrow? The world. Today… this: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Greg Capullo's First Batman And Robin Pencils This […]

Tuesday Trending Topics: X-Men Come From Russia With Love, Now There's Fear Itself

It’s an amazing location, as vividly described in the fantasist-satirist’s series of 38-going-on-39 Discworld novels. Russian Trailer For X-Men: First Class Brings Some Nice New Footage Look close enough at this new, international trailer for X-Men: First Class and you’ll see: Bleeding Cool doesn’t lie to you Well, not about things like this anyway. Trending Retail #comicmarket Topics Several retailers[...]