Saturday Trending Topics: Conspiracies And Secrets

Saturday Trending Topics: Conspiracies And SecretsI've seen a lot of new conspiracy theories spun up in response to Rich's debunking of the original one on Saturday, but the truth is we might never get the inside scoop about how this plan was developed until one of the DC Five or Diane Nelson write their bios. Or maybe Rich will tell us first. You never know.

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The Great DC Relaunch Conspiracy That Just Happens Not To Be True

It seemed ludicrous, contradicting aspects I previously thought were true as well as basic business common sense, but the details of the Batman Inc book being rushed to conclusion, less than half way through the planned twenty-four issues seemed a convincing detail. So I asked.

The Secret Origins Of The DC Relaunch

So, I was told recently that the original decision for DC to relaunch all their titles with 52 new issue ones was originally planned to follow the Final Crisis series, with emphasis on the 52 worlds therein. But, at the time, though pushed for by Dan DiDio and others, it was nixed by then-publisher Paul Levitz.

San Diego Comic Con Exclusive – Dave Stevens: Complete Sketches & Studies

In August, IDW are publishing Dave Stevens: Complete Sketches & Studies, collecting all four of his sketchbooks, long out of print, in a hardcover volume.

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Ten Thoughts About Doctor Who: A Good Man Goes To War

Obviously spoilers for the mid-season finale of Doctor Who that aired earlier in the UK today. You don't want spoilers, then what on earth are you reading this piece for. I mean it's obvious isn't it? Get with the program.

Who Really Wrote X-Men: First Class?

When you go and see X-Men: First Class (and do go and see X-Men: First Class, it's superb) you'll see a whole raft of writing credits in the opening titles. There's been some real controversy about some of these names, and when Bleeding Cool recently got a chance to speak with four of the individuals credited, it would have been remiss of us to not ask about it.

The Dark Knight Rises Plot Thickens: Batman's First Encounter With John Blake Revealed

We've gone to back of the Bleeding Cool vault to find, for you, what we believe to be Batman's first ever encounter with Blake, from the comics. And here it is:

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Saturday Trending Topics: Conspiracies And Secrets

Saturday Trending Topics: Conspiracies And Secrets

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