“Nightmare Before Christmas” Gets A Delightful Statue from Enesco

"Nightmare Before Christmas" Gets A Delightful Statue from Enesco

This statue shows Nightmare Before Christmas characters Jack Skellington and his lovable skeleton dog Zero This statue features that favorite Halloweentown design and even has a couple of extra features built into the statue The statue does come loaded out with LED functions so it does light up underneath the branch On top of that,[...]

Mega Man X Zero Gets Two New Figures from Kotobukiya

Mega Man X Zero Gets Two New Figures from Kotobukiya

Zero, the Class-A Maverick Hunter is here and he is accompanied by more he asked for Both figures show off the paint scheme from the Mega Man X and Nightmare Zero even comes with extra accessories for the normal Zero These model kits are nicely detailed and come with multiple sword accessories The Z-Saber can[...]

E3: Is Nintendo Winning Back Hardcore Gamers? [OPINION]

Earlier in 2019, the company released the once-Gamecube exclusives in Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil Remake, and Resident Evil 4 to the Switch in HD remastered editions that contained all the bonus content previously released on PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC It should only be a matter a time before Resident Evil:[...]

Wanna See Imagine Dragons Music Video for 'Ralph Breaks The Internet'?

Wreck It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks The Internet is coming, and we've got our first listen of the brand new Imagine Dragons track that'll feature in the closing credits of the film.The new music video for "Zero" is pretty great, and features some hidden nods to the film (like a plush Ralph on the prize wall,[...]

Jack Skellington Nendoroid Figure 5

Jack Skellington and Zero Get Their Very Own Nendoroid Figure

The Nightmare Before Christmas star will come with his trusty companion Zero, and features three swappable faceplates, multiple points of articulation, a jack-o-lantern, a wrapped present, and most awesome of all, a Santa outfit Well, a beard and a Santa hat at least, but it is still cool The best looking of the faceplates for[...]

Funko Nightmare Before Christmas Collage

Funko is Celebrting the 25th Anniversary of Nightmare Before Christmas!

In my neck of the woods Walgreens stores never get stocked with Mystery Minis or Pint Size Heroes.[gallery columns="2" size="large" ids="901802,901803"] For fans of Halloween and Christmas alike, a line of Nightmare Before Christmas snow globes available exclusively at Hot Topic include Lock, Shock, Barrel, Vampire Teddy, Oogie Boogie, the Mayor, Jack Skellington, Jack Skellington dressed as Santa Claus, Sally and[...]

Watch A Newcomer Take Down A 'Smash Bros.' Legend

If you haven't guessed, the unlucky player at the end of this rainbow of upsets is ZeRo This guy:If you don't know who Gonzalo “ZeRo” Barrios is, you might wanna check your eSports card at the door Constantly ranked as one of the top Smash Bros. competitors on the planet, he's taken home more championship victories than anyone[...]

Sex, Violence And Ales Kot – This Week's Zero And Secret Avengers

Secret Avengers drawn by Michael Walsh and Zero, drawn by Marek Oleksicki.And they are both song and dance numbers With Jay Z......and The Smiths.Is this the violence inherent in Morrissey?No, no, that's just silly But at the heart of each book is violence and reaction to that violence We have a MODOK talking about his reasons for being[...]

TV Pilot Script For Ales Kot's Zero On The Blood List

And we recognise one of them... 2. ZERO by Ales KotLogline: Edward Zero was the best spy the Agency had – and then he realized he was working for the wrong side. Genre: Psychological Thriller Agents:  Ryan Draizin, Roger Green & Philip d’ Amecourt (WME) Manager: Ari Lubet (3 Arts) Status: Being packaged by WME with Russell Ackerman attached to produce. That would be Zero, based on the[...]

Zero Tolerance For Ales Kot

Ales Kot writes, ZERO #11 is my first comic book to be rejected by Apple -- apparently dead children and horrific brutality are okay but oral sex a no-no— Ales Kot (@ales_kot) October 29, 2014 It's never clear exactly who pulls books in such situations or why But this will have been the scene we expect to[...]

Ales Kot Talks War, Violence, And Politics At New York Comic Con (VIDEO)

By Adi TantimedhAles Kot talks eloquently about the themes of war, violence and politics in his writing, all present in Zero, Secret Avengers and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier.[youtube] [/youtube]Apologies for the slightly rough quality of the video.Conversations at lookitmoves@gmail.comFollow the official LOOK! IT MOVES! twitter feed at for thoughts and snark on media[...]

The Bleed Episode 4: Reading Ray Fawkes' The People Inside With Ales Kot

His name is Ales Kot and he writes the creator-owned series Zero from Image, Secret Avengers and Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier for Marvel.This also marks Sam’s first regular appearance on the show, so be on the lookout for his lovely face (and opinions) in future episodes!You can download us if you’re on the go here or take a listen below. We’re looking to get[...]

The Bleed Episode # 3: James Asmus & Omar Spahi Join Us For Atomic Robo

Look forward to that soon!Here is the audio:[audio:]On the program next week? Well, only since you asked! We’ve got Ales Kot who writes Zero for Image Comics, Secret Avengers and the upcoming Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier for Marvel, and more! Who else? Sam Morse, our good friend, comics critique and inside man at Google Inc.! We’ll be delving into Ray Fawkes’ new book The[...]

A Comic Show – Daredevil's Going Back To Cali!

Our Harbinger Bleeding Monk #0 comes with a red rum Bleeding Monk shot (if you're 21 or older), Saga volume 3 is here, as is Sex Criminals #5, and our buddy Ales Kot's Zero #6 Finally, the Original Writer, Alan Moore's second Nemo volume is out and it's only 10 pounds in the UK!Aaron[...]

Nerdy Show Live! Presents Ales Kot And Tradd Moore

[youtube][/youtube] Our own Aaron Haaland of A Comic Show from A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, helps host this live panel with Ales Kot and Tradd Moore (the team on the current Image series Zero) to discuss their work Dig in.*Note: This was a live feed of a panel and signing that is now complete[...]