Watch A Newcomer Take Down A 'Smash Bros.' Legend

We love posting eSports underdog stories, but we think we may have just found our candidate for upset of the year. It came from the defeat of someone that, all due respect to the guy and his skills, everyone wants to see get beat. If you haven't guessed, the unlucky player at the end of this rainbow of upsets is ZeRo. This guy:


If you don't know who Gonzalo "ZeRo" Barrios is, you might wanna check your eSports card at the door. Constantly ranked as one of the top Smash Bros. competitors on the planet, he's taken home more championship victories than anyone who has ever picked up the game. And in turn, he's earned a bit of a reputation for being hated. Even when his contributions help the Smash community, he gets booed. He's basically become the player-appointed villain of the scene, and whoever he faces usually gets the biggest reaction of the night, even if they lose.  It doesn't help that the guy wears a scarf to most of his tournaments, looking like a Bond villain about to tell you his plan to kill you. Like how he taunted a player for going 3-0.

We don't have anything personal against the guy, if you're good at what you do and no one can topple you, good on you! Keep ruling the world, dude. But… we still like underdog stories. Flash to 2GGC: Civil War this past weekend, when a relative newcomer named Luthie (who hasn't even been playing the game competitively for a solid year yet) pulled out one of the biggest upset victories over a top-tier player you'll ever see. The clip below shows ZeRo playing Diddy Kong, as he usually does because of his combo selection, going up against Luthie with Zero Suit Samus. Both have one life left, Luthie is on the rocks at 135% with ZeRo at 17%, and then like an RKO out of nowhere, Luthie hits an amazing combo to send ZeRo out of the tournament and into 49th place. It's only 30 seconds, but as life shows us, you only need a few seconds to become a legend. Enjoy!

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