A Comic Show – Harley Quinn For The Win and Saga Sex Explained


Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida writes:

Hey Fandom! I'm back with a batch of New Comics Now! This week we have a couple DC and Marvels and a big bunch of the best Image books. Also, Locke & Key had a perfect ending.

Harley Quinn continues her journey to be DC's Deadpool. Where Daniel Way had Wade soul search as an X-Man and pirate, Harley's tries out being a derby girl and a homeowner. In all seriousness, it's a great launch to what seems what DC needs: humor. And Jordan's Green Lantern New Guardians is more sci-fi than Star Trek.

Marvel is still now and not "all-new-now", but Superior Spider-Man still feels fresh. Now Otto is a Superior Venom and the symbiote hits the fan. Meanwhile in Uncanny Avengers…everyone's still dead!

Image dominated this week (how come no one accuses me of being an Image fanboy). Saga was brilliant, the theme of the book is spelled out for us and it explains why there's so much sex between these pages. Also, it appears Saga's working title was "The Opposite of War". East of West and Zero are both neck and neck for me in the contest for best new book of 2013. Remender's Black Science #2 shows science without ethics can destroy a life more than religious fanaticism. Yeah, I'm sure that's the theme Remender is pushing.

And Merry Christmas Fables fans, volume 19 is here just in time to make your yuletide gay!

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