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Star Wars Zuckuss Gallery Statue 6
Star Wars's Zuckuss is joining the Gentle Giant Collector's Gallery Statue line Coming in the summer, he will retail for $159 and can be preordered today He is the fourth in the Collector's Gallery Statue line, and the third Bounty Hunter featured. Zuckuss is the Gand bounty hunter that teamed up with 4-LOM to hunt Han[...]
Sideshow Teases Zuckuss Sixth-Scale Figure
Sideshow is teasing another new figure, this one an addition to their Star Wars Bounty Hunters collection that already contains Boba Fett, IG-88 and 4-LOM… son they will unveil Zuckuss Sixth-Scale Figure This is another figure that should be shown before SDCC Below the teaser image is what the figure looked like from Kenner. [...]