AEW Dark Recap: SCU Puts Friendship on the Line Against The Hybrid2

While I was watching Impact Wrestling's clip show last night, AEW also released a new episode of AEW Dark on YouTube. But I've watched it now, and I'll tell you what happened on it.

The official logo for AEW Dark
The official logo for AEW Dark

AEW Dark Recap for December 29th, 2020

After a short graphic remembering Brodie Lee, Vary Morales heads to the ring in what the announcers (Excalibur and Taz) tell us is his AEW debut. Rey Fenix comes out, with Penta El Zero Miedo Esquire.

Vary Morales vs. Rey Fenix

They have a match. Morales's gimmick appears to be that he's a long-lost member of Motley Crue.

Vince Neil wishes he still looked this good in leather.
Vince Neil wishes he still looked this good in leather.

Vary Morales may have the Looks That Kill, but Rey Fenix isn't here to visit Doctor Feelgood. Fenix invites Morales to Come on and Dance. Morales is impressive. Red Hot, even. But he's Too Young to Fall in Love and too green to defeat Rey Fenix. With Ten Seconds to Love, Fenix hits a Kinniku Buster (yes, the move is named after those little pink MUSCLE toys) to score the pinfall.

Winner: Rey Fenix

On with the Show…

Lindsay Snow vs. Penelope Ford

Lindsay Snow heads to the ring. Penolope Ford comes out with Kip Sabian and they make out in the ring. Oh, cool, Penelope Ford gets to squash jobbers on Dark? I'm in! After a brief match, Ford hits a cutter for the win,  which Snow has to stand around with her neck out waiting for as Ford does a flip bouncing off the ropes.

Winner: Penelope Ford

Ford and Sabian make out some more after the match.

Penelope Ford makes out with Kip Sabian on AEW Dark
Penelope Ford makes out with Kip Sabian on AEW Dark

Shawn Dean and Tyson Maddux vs. Dark Order's John Silver and Alex Reynolds

Shawn Dean and Tyson Maddux comes to the ring. John Silver and Alex Reynolds head out. They have a match, mostly highlighting Silver's antics. Silver hits a German suplex on Maddux and Reynolds pins him with a jackknife for the pinfall.

Winners: Dark Order

If you're wondering why there was no tribute to Brodie Lee here, it's because this was filmed last week before he passed away.

Jasmine Allure vs. Anna Jay

Jasmine Allure heads to the ring. She debuted last week on Dark. Anna Jay heads out with Tay Conti. They have a match. Jay makes short work of Allure, choking her out with the Queenslayer for the win.

Winner: Anna Jay

Taz identifies with Anna Jay for using a chokeout as her finisher.

The Waiting Room

Time for another episode of AEW Dark's best talk show, The Waiting Room with Britt Baker and Rebel. For her monologue, Baker talks about the card for New Years Smash night one, which she refers to as taking place tomorrow, but which will now take place next week instead. Then she brings out Matt Sydal. She mocks him for his AEW debut, slipping on the ropes. Sydal talks about his recent wins, but Baker is unimpressed. She asks him what he's gonna do to win the big one and defeat Cody Rhodes at New Years Smash. Sydal says he will make "the ring" into "my realm" and "open third eyes." Um, okay.

Britt gets a letter and opens it. It's from TBS, asking her to hang a Go Big Show poster on her wall. Sydal complains that the whole company is about Cody and now he has a second show. He paints Cody as a spotlight-hogging egomaniac. Then he draws a third eye on Cody's face on the poster. He repeats the "my realm" thing (it's not working any better). And that's it.

Ryzin, Nick Comoroto & James Tapia vs. Team Taz

Ryzin, Nick Comoroto, and James Tapia head to the ring for a match with Team Taz (accompanied by Hook). We all know what's happening here, right? Team Taz makes short work of their opponents.

Winners: Team Taz

Nick Comoroto looks like Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds. That's all I have to say.

Fuego Del Sol vs. Griff Garrison

After some shilling for the Young Bucks' autobiography, "Pretty" Peter Avalon heads to the commentary booth. Fuego Del Sol heads to the ring, as does Griff Garrison (with Brian Pillman Jr.). It turns out Avalon is here to talk about how good-looking Griff Garrison is.

They have a match. Garrison wins with a rolling elbow.

Winner: Griff Garrison

Avalon heads to the ring to congratulate Garrison and get a closer look at his beauty. He gives Garrison a signed photo of himself. Garrison tosses it on the floor, insulting Avalon, who is livid. I dig Garrison and Pillman's 80s revival and also Avalon's new gimmick. AEW Dark has a real old school feel to it with this silliness.

Terrence and Terrell Hughs (TNT) vs. Santana and Ortiz

TNT come to the ring. Just so you know, these are the sons of D-Von Dudley. Santana and Ortiz may be the most generous team in wrestling because they give TNT a ton of offense, with Ortiz even eating a 3D and nearly taking a pin, but they still walk away with the victory after a powerbomb/running knee combo on Terrence.

Winners: Santana and Ortiz

Everyone looked great here. I'd love to see Santana and Ortiz get a winning run on Dynamite.

Aaron Solow vs. Sammy Guevara

Bayley's boyfriend heads to the ring to job to Sammy Guevara. They have a match. It's pretty good. No wonder Bayley likes this guy. Guevara gets the win in under ten minutes though with the GTH.

Winner: Sammy Guevara

Guevara cuts a promo after the match about getting back into the rankings and winning the title. "Today" is also Guevara's ten-year anniversary as a wrestler. I'm not sure if that refers to when AEW Dark was filmed or when it aired.

Ariel Levy and El Cuervo De Puerto Rico vs. Chaos Project

Ariel Levy and El Cuervo De Puerto Rico head to the ring for a match with Japanese Deathmatch Legend Luther and Serpentico. Luther must have some photos of Chris Jericho in flagrante delicto with a moose or something for the amazing push he gets in AEW. Luther gets the pin on El Cuervo De Puerto Rico after Creeping Death.

Winners: Chaos Project

Madi Wrenkowski vs. Leva Bates

Madi Wrenkowski heads to the ring. Leva Bates does too. Bates is still doing the librarian gimmick. She has the Young Bucks' book and tries to give it to Wrenkowski, but Wrenkowski rips the pages out and calls it the worst book ever. Hey, a sale is a sale.

This match is a fashion disaster.
This match is a fashion disaster. Or a fashion revolution. One or the other.

They have a match, but I can't stop admiring Wrenkowski's ring gear, which is sleeveless/legless on one arm and the opposite leg. The other arm and leg are covered in what appears to be bedazzled leopard print. Bates, wrestling in tights and a lacey blouse (and wearing an apple watch, commentary points out), superkicks Wrenkowski through the book as Wrenkowski is holding it to mock her and gets the pin with a rollup.

Winner: Leva Bates

That match was like two minutes long but I think I wrote more about it than any other match tonight.

Danny Limelight vs. Matt Sydal

Danny Limelight heads to the ring, followed by Matt Sydal. They have a match. Sydal wins with a crucifix pin.

Winner: Matt Sydal

Sydal does nothing for me. It's nothing personal. It's just that he smiles too much. He has resting happy-to-be-here face.

Vertvixen vs. Tay Conti

Vertvixen (who names their kid Vertvixen) comes to the ring for a match with Tay Conti. Anna Jay returns the favor from earlier and walks Conti to the ring. They have their own handshake now. A match occurs, briefly. Conti makes short work of Vertvixen and wins with a knee to the face.

Winner: Tay Conti

Royal Money, Baron Black, and Mike Verna vs. Gunn Club

Royal Money, Baron Black, and Mike Verna head to the ring for a match with Billy Gunn and his large adult sons, who may be the best reason to watch AEW Dark. Colten wins with Colt 45.

Winners: Gunn Club

Austin grabs the mic after the match and says that while Gunn Club likes to have fun, if you mess with a family member, they'll kick your ass.

The Hybrid2 vs. SCU

For the main event, TH2 head to the ring, followed by a tense SCU. Last week on Dark (which is the week I started watching it so don't expect me to know about any angles prior to that), Frankie Kazarian and Christopher Daniels vowed that if they lose one more match, their team is done. They have a match. Daniels, fired up, gets the pin off an assisted gutbuster so SCU will live to fight another day.

Winners: SCU

SCU live to fight another day on AEW Dark
SCU live to fight another day on AEW Dark

The Acclaimed attack SCU after the match and the Young Bucks run out to make the save.

Final Thoughts on AEW Dark

After Dark ends, the next video to autoplay is the AEW Unrestricted Podcast with Brodie Lee, which I was definitely not ready for. That aside, Dark was fun once again and I think I'll try to continue watching and recapping this show after the holidays are over.

AEW Dynamite tonight will be a special tribute episode for Brodie Lee, so be sure and tune in to celebrate his life and honor his memory. I'll have a report tomorrow morning on that and NXT.


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