AEW Dynamite: Fans Finally Boo Bryan Danielson for Betraying WWE

The Chadster has barely had time to recover from watching AEW Full Gear and he's already had to watch the follow-up episode of AEW Dynamite, some kind of punishment from Bleeding Cool TV Editor Ray Flook, who has a personal vendetta against The Chadster and is in cahoots with Tony Khan when it comes to ruining The Chadster's life. At Full Gear, Hangman Adam Page won the AEW Championship from Kenny Omega, the culmination of a storyline that's as old as AEW, which, in The Chadster's opinion, is way too long for a wrestling storyline, though The Chadster is hardly surprised that Tony Khan would make such a rookie booking mistake. On the same shoe, Bryan Danielson overcame Miro to become the number one contender for that same title.

AEW Dynamite: Fans Finally Boo Bryan Danielson for Betraying WWE

On AEW Dynamite this week, the show opened with Hangman Page and Bryan Danielson coming face-to-face during Page's title win celebration. But the most remarkable thing happened during that segment, something that warmed The Chadster's soul even better than a nice can of White Claw Seltzer: the crowd booed Bryan Danielson. Now, a lot of AEW marks are probably going to say that the reason Danielson was booed was because he was, frankly, acting a little heelish by accusing Page of being afraid to fight him, and also because Hangman Page is one the most over babyface champion pro wrestling has seen since, well, since Bryan Danielson's epic WrestleMania title win years ago.

But The Chadster has another theory: the crowd booed Bryan Danielson because they finally realized how badly he betrayed WWE and Vince McMahon by signing with AEW. If you watch the tape back, the crowd didn't turn on Danielson until he mentioned wrestling the day after he won the title at WrestleMania. The Chadster thinks that maybe a lot of the AEW audience didn't realize that Bryan Danielson and Daniel Bryan are the same person since they use different names and Danielson doesn't do the "yes" thing anymore. However, once Danielson confirmed that he is in fact the same person who wrestled as Daniel Bryan in WWE, the crowd immediately started booing him and they only booed him more as the segment went on, realizing that despite everything that WWE had done for Danielson, he still turned his back on the company to join AEW.

For a long time, The Chadster has been very upset with AEW fans, especially because, by watching AEW's TV shows, they help AEW beat WWE in the ratings and therefore cause The Chadster to become sexually impotent. However, maybe The Chadster has been wrong and AEW fans aren't necessarily bad people out to ruin The Chadster's life like Tony Khan and Ray Flook. Maybe they're just ignorant. Which means that The Chadster can educate them on how unfair and disrespectful AEW is toward WWE, which just motivates The Chadster even more to continue doing the important work of providing completely unbiased wrestling journalism to the readers of Bleeding Cool. From The Chadster to you, dear readers: you're welcome.

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