AEW Dynamite Recap: Snoop Dogg Gets His First AEW Win

With nothing else going on in the world Wednesday night, we might as well watch and recap AEW Dynamite.

The Shovel - Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]
The Shovel – Weekly TV Recaps of WWE Raw, WWE Smackdown, Impact Wrestling, AEW Dynamite, and WWE NXT [Photo: Shutterstock]

AEW Dynamite Recap for Wednesday, January 6th, 2021

Chris Jericho is on commentary with Jim Ross, Excalibur, and Tony Schiavone for the first AEW Dynamite of 2021. I guess Jericho was able to catch an early flight back to Jacksonville after storming the Capitol building this afternoon with his fellow Trumpbronies.

The Young Bucks and SCU vs. The Acclaimed and TH2

The Young Bucks and SCU head to the ring.  The Acclaimed and TH2 come out. Max Caster kills with one of his raps on the Bucks and SCU. He name-checks John Cena and Marty Janetty. He even insults Snoop Dogg: "Doggy style is the past, we're gonna make your new fetish us kicking your ass, bitch." They have a match. Christopher Daniels gets the pin.

Winners: Young Bucks and SCU

After the match, Kazarian cuts a promo. He tells the Dynamite audience about the pledge he and Christopher Daniels made on AEW Dark: the next match they lose, they're breaking up as a tag team. Christopher Daniels tells the Young Bucks he wants a match for the championships.

Hey, here's a question. Do you think Donald Trump has ever spoken as tenderly to his own children as he did to the rebels storming the Capitol today? "I love you. You're very special." Guaranteed Don Jr. has never heard that from his dad. Ivanka, maybe.

After some commercials, Jon Moxley heads to the ring for his first live appearance on AEW Dynamite since losing the AEW Championship. Moxley cuts a promo. He says he's not gonna complain about losing the belt to Kenny Omega because sometimes you have to accept a loss (hmm). Moxley isn't happy with Omega and Don Callis though, who he calls "shitty people" and "assholes," but tonight it's Rey Fenix who has a shot at the title and Moxley isn't gonna interfere in Fenix's destiny. But he vows to get even and more with Omega eventually.

Dasha interviews Chuck Taylor and Orange Cassidy. Taylor gives an update on Trent: he'll be out 4-5 months with his pec injury. Miro, Kip Sabian, and Penelope Ford interrupt. Miro talks some trash. Taylor challenges him to a match. Miro says if he wins, Taylor has to become his young boy. Taylor agrees. I can't stop looking at Miro's outfit though.

Miro is dressed for success on AEW Dynamite
Miro is dressed for success on AEW Dynamite

Jake Hager vs. Wardlow

Jake Hager comes to the ring, followed by Wardlow. In a prerecorded promo, Wardlow comes off as a babyface. They have a match. On commentary, Jericho does his best to claim this isn't a sign of a break in the Inner Circle but rather a necessary settling of differences that will help the team. Wardlow wins with an F-10.

Winner: Wardlow

The rest of the Inner Circle try to console Hager after the match, but he's mad. However, he agrees to fist bump Wardlow so I guess the Inner Circle remains intact today.

Backstage, Private Party are about to drink some gin and juice, but they only brought gin. No juice. Snoop Dogg walks up and plops some juice on the table. Matt Hardy arrives and hands Private Party with contracts to sign to make him their manager (with a 30% cut). Hardy tells them they can keep their Twitch and Cameo though. Private Party agrees to invite Snoop Dogg to any private parties they're planning and everyone leaves.

TNT Championship Match Weigh-In

Brian Cage comes out with Team Taz. After some commercials, Darby Allin comes out. Tony Schiavone hosts. Brian Cage weighs in at 272 pounds. Darby Allin weighs in at 170 pounds. Schiavone is surprised by this 100-pound difference. Taz says Allin is cheating by wearing his jacket and jewelry and Allin is actually smaller.

Allin grabs the mic. He says this isn't about this one feud, but Allin's entire life "taking shit." He wants to fight all of Team Taz at once. The lights go out and Sting comes out. Team Taz retreats from the ring and stares in awe. Taz says he's sick of this and sick of Sting. He vows that Cage will win the TNT Championship next week. Sting and Allin look each other over in the ring. I should note that Sting's music continues to play throughout all of this and his snow continues to fall.

Jake Hager is punching walls backstage. MJF gives him a pep talk. He says Hager is still undefeated in the octagon. He tells him to be proud of himself. Hager gives MJF a fist bump.

After some commercials, we see a slip from Dark last night where Brodie Lee's son, -1, cut a promo on Marko Stunt. Back to the present, Alex Marvez tries to interview Marko and Jurassic Express when FTR interrupt with Tully Blanchard. They agree with -1 that Stunt is a loser. Stunt says he'll take Luchasaurus's spot in the match next week and kick both their asses with Jungle Boy.

Cody Rhodes vs. Matt Sydal

Matt Sydal heads to the ring. I've gone in-depth about how much I dislike the fact that he's always smiling and have since he was "Evan Bourne." But I realize as he comes to the ring that I also hate how, with his current haircut, he looks like a Costco brand Dolph Ziggler. Cody Rhodes comes out. Arn Anderson is looking taller and tanner… oh, it's Snoop Dogg! And he's remixed Cody's theme song!

They have a match. Snoop has the papers Arn Anderson usually carries and coaches Cody in the match. At one point he just barely gets out of the way of a suplex.

Winner: Cody Rhodes

But Serpentico and Luther attack and beat down Cody after the match. Sydal joins Cody to fend them off. The fans chant for Snoop to get involved. Cody and Sydal beat down Serpentico and then invite Snoop in to hit a frogsplash on him. Snoop obliges.

Snoop Dogg vs. Serpentico

Yes, you heard that right. He hit a frogsplash. Cody and Sydal count a pin for Snoop.

Winner: Snoop Dogg

Snoop runs up to hug Chris Jericho at commentary and say high to JR, Tony, and Excalibur and Dynamite takes a commercial break.

I spent New Year's Eve watching Snoop's live stream, which was basically him smoking blunts, drinking, dancing, and doing karaoke in his house and I hope it's an annual tradition from now until the end of time. But if you didn't have the pleasure of seeing that and only saw the part that crossed over with CNN, where Andy Cohen played "did you get high there?" with Snoop. Well, now he's gotten high at AEW Dynamite.

Abadon vs. Hikaru Shida – AEW Women's Championship Match

Abadon heads to the ring. Shida comes out. Abadon attacks her on the stage, but Shida lays her out. Abadon is right back up and they brawl into the ring where the ref starts the match. They fight a little bit and then Abadon drags Shida underneath the ring, then emerges alone with blood dripping from her mouth. Shida slowly crawls out with blood all over her neck.

You might think ripping someone's throat out with your teeth would end the match, but Shida continues to fight and comes away with the pin.

Winner: Hikaru Shida

Miraculously, Shida's neck wound has completely healed during the match.

Tay Conti cuts a promo about fighting Serena Deeb for the NWA Women's Championship next week on Dynamite, so I guess that's a match that's happening. Commentary reveals some more: The Elite in action. Jurassic Express vs. FTR. Pac vs. Eddie Kingston. And Inner Circle will reveal their 2020 plans. Britt Baker's The Waiting Room talk show makes it's Dynamite review with Cody Rhodes as a guest. And of course, not mentioned here, but there's the Darby Allin vs. Brian Cage match as well.

Rey Fenix vs. Kenny Omega

Rey Fenix comes out first. In a video recorded earlier, Pac cuts a promo on Fenix's behalf. Kenny Omega comes out with Don Callis. It's almost main event time, but first, we see a clip of Cody and Snoop Dogg from the Go Big Show where a guy rides a tricycle down a massive jump ramp. AEW has been promoting the show hard all night, with the Snoop Dogg appearance and also banners all over ringside. Dynamite takes a commercial break and then finally Omega and Fenix have a match. And what a match! But as good as Rey Fenix is, there's clearly no way Omega drops the belt on his first defense during the hottest angle AEW has ever had. Omega wins with One-Winged Angel.

Winner: Kenny Omega

After the match, Don Callis grabs a mic. He tells the crowd they witnessed history, and now they can witness the end of Rey Fenix's career. He says he hears something terrible is happening backstage. Backstage, Eddie Kingston and his crew have attacked Pac and Penta. Callis tells Omega to end Fenix, but Jon Moxley runs out and hits Omega with a barbed-wire covered baseball bat. Moxley is about to finish Omega when the Good Brothers run out of nowhere, wearing the Impact Tag Team Championships, and hit Magic Killer on Moxley.

My god! The Good Brothers have stormed AEW Dynamite! It's an insurrection! Read the room, guys!

Various lower card babyfaces from the AEW locker room, most notably the Varsity Blondes, run out to try to stop the Good Brothers and Kenny Omega, but they get turned away. Omega beats Moxley with the bat. Finally, The Young Bucks run out, but not to fight. They try to reason with Omega and the Good Brothers. They take the bat away. Oh no. Varsity Blondes wake up and grab Omega, but the Bucks superkick them. Omega and the Good Brothers put up the Too Sweet. The Bucks join in and AEW goes off the air with this image…

Bullet Club reunited on AEW Dynamite last night.
Bullet Club reunited on AEW Dynamite last night.

It's hard to judge a pro wrestling show in the context of a day like this one, but I thought Dynamite was good tonight. I particularly enjoyed Snoop Dogg's involvement, even though I know some people will probably complain about him getting offense on Serpentico even though he had Cody and Matt Sydal helping him. The main event was ridiculous (in a good way) and the ending was too sweet. The Abadon thing was ridiculous in a bad way, but you can't win 'em all.

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